27 Maps That Show How Totally Messed Up American E…

So are you saying that right or wrong? All maps by Joshua Katz, based on a survey by Bert Vaux. You can read all 122 maps here.

1. How do you address a group of two or more people?

2. What’s the name of this delicious treat?

3. Or what do you call that stuff that’s on every single sandwich for some reason?

4. What do you call the night before Halloween?

5. And what do you call what every kid in the neighborhood just did to your house?

6. How about the place where you have to throw out all that toilet paper?

7. What do you call that thing you forced your kid to do?

8. How would you even begin to pronounce Mary merrily married Marianne?

9. Or what you’re going to eat for lunch?

10. What do you call the place where dreams go to die?

11. Or the place where dreams begin?

12. What do you call what you’re going to eat tonight?

13. What do you call that bug that lights up?

14. Where do you get a drink from in school?

15. What about coleslaw?

16. What do you call it when it’s raining and the sun is shining?

17. What about those circles in traffic?

18. What’s the name of the big road that’s terrifying to drive on?

19. What do you call something that is diagonally across from you?

20. What about the shoes you wear to the gym?

21. What’s the name of the place where you sell all your broken crap?

22. How about the name of those bugs that infest your basement?

23. Rowt? Or root?

24. Loyer? Or law-yer?

25. Or the name of these drawing utensils that hopefully weren’t a delicious treat to you?

26. How about your mom or dad’s sister?

27. And, most importantly, what do you call a carbonated beverage?

All maps by Joshua Katz, based on a survey by Bert Vaux . You can read all 122 maps here.

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