27 Maps That Show How Totally Messed Up American E…

So are you saying that right or wrong? All maps by Joshua Katz, based on a survey by Bert Vaux. You can read all 122 maps here.

1. How do you address a group of two or more people?

ID: 1518903

2. What’s the name of this delicious treat?

ID: 1518909

3. Or what do you call that stuff that’s on every single sandwich for some reason?

ID: 1518904

4. What do you call the night before Halloween?

ID: 1518883

5. And what do you call what every kid in the neighborhood just did to your house?

ID: 1518884

6. How about the place where you have to throw out all that toilet paper?

ID: 1518887

7. What do you call that thing you forced your kid to do?

ID: 1518886

8. How would you even begin to pronounce Mary merrily married Marianne?

ID: 1518907

9. Or what you’re going to eat for lunch?

ID: 1518900

10. What do you call the place where dreams go to die?

ID: 1518889

11. Or the place where dreams begin?

ID: 1518882

12. What do you call what you’re going to eat tonight?

ID: 1518888

13. What do you call that bug that lights up?

ID: 1518899

14. Where do you get a drink from in school?

ID: 1518890

15. What about coleslaw?

ID: 1518891

16. What do you call it when it’s raining and the sun is shining?

ID: 1518894

17. What about those circles in traffic?

ID: 1518892

18. What’s the name of the big road that’s terrifying to drive on?

ID: 1518895

19. What do you call something that is diagonally across from you?

ID: 1518896

20. What about the shoes you wear to the gym?

ID: 1518897

21. What’s the name of the place where you sell all your broken crap?

ID: 1518901

22. How about the name of those bugs that infest your basement?

ID: 1518902

23. Rowt? Or root?

ID: 1518905

24. Loyer? Or law-yer?

ID: 1518906

25. Or the name of these drawing utensils that hopefully weren’t a delicious treat to you?

ID: 1518908

26. How about your mom or dad’s sister?

ID: 1518910

27. And, most importantly, what do you call a carbonated beverage?

ID: 1518885

All maps by Joshua Katz, based on a survey by Bert Vaux . You can read all 122 maps here.

ID: 1519062

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