22 People Who Should Have Definitely Not Taken The Ice Bucket Challenge

Sometimes just giving money is a much wiser (and safer) choice.

By now you’ve seen it EVERYWHERE. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken over the internet, spreading awareness (and raising millions) for ALS research. It’s great.

But that doesn’t mean things always go as planned. Especially for…

1. Anyone wearing a football helmet:

2. Anyone who forgot how feet work:

3. Anyone with friends like these:

4. Anyone who doesn’t have a face of steel:

5. Anyone who didn’t do weight training before:

6. Anyone who can’t figure out how a bucket works:

7. Anyone who doesn’t do the heavy lifting themselves:

8. Anyone who has a friend who can’t stand on a table:

9. Anyone who is unfamiliar with buckets and their complexities:

10. Anyone standing under a deck. Seriously, it always goes wrong (at 50 seconds):

11. Anyone who didn’t already take care of their…business:

12. Anyone standing directly next to a large body of water:

13. Anyone who enjoys the feeling of a ton of ice hitting them in the head:

14. Anyone who can’t keep their balance:

15. Anyone with a fragile garage:

16. Anyone with a friend with a slippery grip:

17. Anyone who forgot to tie up their dog:

18. Anyone in a Super Mario outfit:

19. Anyone who didn’t even know they were taking it in the first place:

20. Anyone who apparently greased their bathtub:

21. Anyone who thinks that a glass of water is good enough:

22. And, again, anyone standing under a deck. IT WILL NEVER END WELL!


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