21 Reasons Why The Ice Bucket Challenge Needs To End Right Now

Seriously, just donate the money.

1. Because your safety is important:

ID: 3690095

2. Because buckets are hard to balance on:

ID: 3690318

3. Because your horse isn’t having it:

ID: 3690064

4. Because ice might be cold, but the lake is colder:

ID: 3690004

5. Because buckets are a lot heavier than you think:

ID: 3690137

6. A lot heavier:

ID: 3690139

7. Because clothes are important:

ID: 3690007

8. Because ice doesn’t make a great scarf:

ID: 3690191

9. Because no one should have to wear a helmet to donate money:

ID: 3690006

10. Because tables are a little unsteady:

ID: 3690009

11. Because your friend is a butterfinger:

ID: 3690013

12. And that bucket is a lot heavier than you think:

ID: 3690015

13. Because even if you’re not doing it you’re in danger:

ID: 3690183

14. Because your friends will betray you:

ID: 3690018

15. Because Dad can’t take another fall:

ID: 3690186

16. Because buying new gutters is expensive:

ID: 3690011

17. Because you spent all morning on your hair:

ID: 3690272

18. Because the gym is a much better place to lift heavy things:

ID: 3690145

19. Because it’s hard enough to walk around WITHOUT water all over the ground:

ID: 3690040

20. Because you don’t know your own strength:

ID: 3690154

21. Because your shower curtain is your best friend:

ID: 3690197


ID: 3690233

23. But hey, if you’re going to do it, at least do it like this:

Like a pro.

ID: 3690025

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