In Memory Of The Best Character On “The Walking Dead” (SPOILERS)

We’re going to miss you. Spoilers, obviously!

1. Press play and scroll slowly:

ID: 673791

2. RIP, T-Dog:

ID: 673820

3. Let’s remember a man who left us too soon…

ID: 673794

4. A man who wasn’t afraid to stand in the background and stare just slightly to the right of the camera:

ID: 673825

10. A man who noticed things from time to time:

ID: 673841

14. A man whose name everyone forgot:

ID: 673803

15. A man whose real name was actually Theodore:

ID: 673819

16. A man who made this face:

ID: 673832

17. A man who also made this face:

ID: 673834

19. A man who didn’t really know how to drive:

ID: 673802

20. A man who gave Rick’s “Ricktatorship” a run for its money:

ID: 673822

21. A man who got slightly more screen time than a stuffed doll last season:

So, so wrong.

ID: 673831

22. A man who died in such a badass fashion:

ID: 673795

24. A man who didn’t really do that much:

ID: 673798

25. …but, in all honesty, he was still the most likable character on the show:

ID: 673840

26. And a man who made it so that from now on, every November 4th will be known as “T-Dog” Day:

ID: 673792

27. Good night, sweet prince:

ID: 673849

29. Oh, and RIP Lori too, I guess.

ID: 673821

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