22 Important Reminders That Someone Is Having A Worse Day Than You


Somehow, somewhere…

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1. Someone fell asleep in the wrong place.

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2. Someone is having a difficult time remodeling their home.

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3. Someone is never allowed to hold a camera again.

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4. Someone just discovered they can never trust a puddle.

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5. Someone just left their gummy bears out in the heat.

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6. Someone is having an underwater wedding.

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7. Someone is getting a little more than they bargained for from a lemur.

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8. Someone just discovered how mail works.

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9. Someone just discovered a new lake in their front seat.

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10. Someone just decided to go for a swim.

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11. Someone just learned an important lesson about tolerance.

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12. Someone has to take care of this dog for the next 24 hours.

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13. Someone has a garbage truck after them.

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14. Someone is never getting out.

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15. Someone just gave up their model airplane hobby.

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16. Someone is about to miss a baseball game.

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17. Someone just realized that they’re an adult.

ID: 3086849

18. Someone just got this text.

ID: 3086782

19. Someone just got broken up with on instagram.

ID: 3086791

20. Someone just let their snowmobile run free.

ID: 3086912

21. Someone is not driving anywhere today.

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22. And someone is done working forever.

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