17 Things That Will Drive You Absolutely Insane

RIP you.

1. First things first:

ID: 1619215

2. Now can you please do this?

ID: 1619146

3. Thanks. Now you are now manually blinking.

ID: 1619137

4. And are now aware that your toes are always touching each other.

ID: 1619134

5. And that you can always feel clothes touching your body.

ID: 1619222

6. In fact, something is ALWAYS touching you. Always.

ID: 1619271

7. Oh, by the way… you are now manually breathing.

ID: 1619141

8. You are now aware that there is no comfortable place to put your tongue in your mouth.

ID: 1619162

9. And that your jaw has weight and you always have to keep it closed.

ID: 1619174

10. You sure are producing a lot of saliva right now.

ID: 1619194

11. Just know that every time you swallow you hear a little crackle.

ID: 1619252

12. You haven’t cleared your throat in a while, have you?

ID: 1619211

13. Wait… feel that? Somewhere on your body is itching.

ID: 1619210

14. Guess what? You can’t imagine a new color.

ID: 1619280

15. And your nose is always in your line of sight.

ID: 1619277

16. Oh, and you are now aware that your earlobes are lined up with your nipples.

ID: 1619290

17. One last thing: You now have “The Final Countdown” stuck in your head.

ID: 1619285


ID: 1619388

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