19 People You Should Be Glad Aren’t Your Roommate

Think you have it bad? Think again.

1. Anyone who eats snacks like this:

2. Anyone who smokes cigarettes like this:

3. Anyone who fills their bottles with suspicious liquid like this:

4. Anyone who keeps a mysterious toilet paper roll next to their computer:

5. Anyone who is secretly living in your crawlspace:

6. Anyone who chooses that as a chair:

7. Anyone who keeps all the delivery boxes, just in case:

8. Anyone who loves McDonald’s THIS much:

9. Anyone who does… this:

10. Anyone with a room like this:

11. Anyone that has a closet like this:

12. Anyone with this much of a love affair for Coke:

13. Anyone who places their Cheez Doodles so front and center:

14. Anyone who praises the lord Mountain Dew:

15. Anyone that occupies a space like this:

16. Anyone who keeps this at the foot of their bed:

17. Anyone that ends up with a room like this:

18. Anyone who lives on an island of beers:

19. And anyone that has… things… growing out of their towels:

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basically this:
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