21 People Who Immediately Learned Their Lesson

You never know when it’s going to happen, but it always does.

1. Bubbleman:

ID: 3040987

2. These three:

ID: 3041181

3. Rocket Man:

ID: 3041179

4. Anyone who has tried to get to know a squirrel a little better:

ID: 3039926

5. The person filming this world record attempt:

ID: 3040119

6. Anyone who thought this was a good idea:

ID: 3040120

7. Anyone and everyone who has practiced volleyball in their bedroom:

ID: 3041068

8. Anyone who has bought a dress on eBay:

ID: 3039905

9. The Locker Whisperer:

ID: 3039913

10. This poor soul:

ID: 3040053

11. Anyone who has lost a fight with a trash can:

ID: 3040063

12. Anyone this generous:

ID: 3039991

13. This guy who unfortunately wasn’t hungry for soccer ball:

ID: 3040990

14. The person who first tweeted this:

ID: 3041498

And then this:

ID: 3040993

15. Anyone with a personal vendetta against signs:

ID: 3041070

16. The high-flyin’, death-defyin’, swingin’ bros:

ID: 3041180

17. Every single adult who has tried to use a swing set:

ID: 3041185

18. This person who should not be allowed near electronics:

ID: 3039985

19. Anyone who has tried to buffer surf:

ID: 3041197

20. This graduate:


ID: 3041265

21. And the perpetrator of the crime of the century:

ID: 3039987

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