11 Sounds You Need To Hear Before You Die

This will change your life.

ID: 275494

1. A turtle having sex with a shoe:

ID: 275041

2. A ticklish camel:

ID: 275050

3. A lamb saying “yeahhhh”:

ID: 275166

4. A death metal rooster:

ID: 275053

5. A broken goat:

ID: 275170

6. And one that’s screaming for his buddy Bob:

ID: 275179

7. A Boston Terrier getting his stomach grabbed:

ID: 275198

8. A cat barking like a dog:

ID: 275047

9. A human saying “ha ha ha”:

ID: 275304

10. A cat saying “NO.”:

ID: 275338

11. And a goose marching band:

ID: 275306

And now you’ve heard everything!

ID: 275372

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