14 Lesbian UK Place Names

We couldn’t resist making a list of dirty place names that sound lezzified or like lady parts, so here, for your enjoyment, is how we spend our valuable, grownup time in the office. Cut to Team Dattch giggling like five-year-olds.

1. Fingringhoe, Essex

We’re sure there’s a logical, old-timey reason for this name, we just can’t imagine what that could be. Answers on a postcard, please.

ID: 1961824

2. Bitchfield, Lincolnshire

It might not seem lesbian specific but have you ever walked into a girl bar and seen two or more of your exes? Yeah, instant Bitchfield.

ID: 1961827

3. Beaver Close, Morden

Even though we’re pretty sure there are none in the UK, it’s always nice to know that you’re never too far away from a Beaver.

ID: 1961830

4. East Breast, Inverclyde

Just a much nicer street that West Breast, especially since all the shops on West Breast went bust.

ID: 1961834

5. Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire

The Ronseal of lesbian road names.

ID: 1961835

6. Ladyhole Lane, Derbyshire

For those who want to live in a classier place than Fingringhoe.

ID: 1961836

7. Lickar Moor, Northumberland

For the demanding Pillow Princess in all of us.

ID: 1961837

8. Little Bushey Lane, Watford

This is kind of adorable, much better than big bushey lane, although it’s a personal choice every woman needs to make for herself.

ID: 1961840

9. Minge Lane, Worcester

We have often wondered what the classical meaning of minge is…

ID: 1961843

10. Moisty Lane, Staffordshire

This one actually made us feel a bit queasy. The word moist is a bit much to take at the best of times but somehow moisty is even worse.

ID: 1961846

11. Panty-Y-Felin, Swansea

Well, this just hits the nail on the head doesn’t it? Well played, Wales.

ID: 1961851

12. Titty-Ho, Northamptonshire

We’d like to think that this was a pirate’s call for when he saw a hot woman. “Titty Ho, Captain!”

ID: 1961853

13. Twatt, Orkney

This classic sign makes me believe that there is an ancient village of women, lost in time…what were we talking about?

ID: 1961857

14. Washdyke Lane, Lincolnshire

A good reminder to keep your dykes clean, just like your mum told you as a kid, “Nobody likes a dirty dyke.”

ID: 1961860

15. BONUS: Team Dattch found this one down in Brighton

ID: 1973288

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