18 People Who Really Need To Learn Some Geography

Maps are hard. Not that hard, though.

1. No, that’s not Virginia.

ID: 3733754

2. No, that’s not what North Carolina looks like.

ID: 3733544

3. No, that’s not even close to Idaho.

ID: 3733917

4. When did Nevada move so far east?

ID: 3733466

5. Has anyone ever seen upstate New York before?

ID: 3733688

6. When did we get rid of New Hampshire?

ID: 3733621

7. Seriously, does anyone know what New Hampshire looks like?

.@politico accuses New Hampshire of being Vermont! #libel

— Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon)
ID: 3733632

8. ANYONE???

ID: 3733893

9. Maybe let’s all just brush up on our New England geography. Connecticut is sometimes tough to find — but not THAT tough.

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10. Kansas City isn’t in the state you’d expect.

(Though there is a Kansas City, Kansas!)

ID: 3733500

11. Wisconsin isn’t quite that far west.

ID: 3733715

12. And Alabama and Mississippi didn’t just switch places.

ID: 3733750

13. International geography needs some work, too. That doesn’t look like London at all.

US TV knowledge of Britain.

— David Eckhoff (@theroyalfactor)
ID: 3733460

14. Canada and Mexico might not be pleased to learn that they’re now part of the “homeland.”

Alex Wong / Getty Images
ID: 3733683

15. Sydney didn’t move more than a thousand miles north.

ID: 3733792

16. That’s not Nigeria (though it’s kinda close).

Dear @CNN, the area you marked "Nigeria" is actually "Niger"; Nigeria is the area below it. Get a map-reader, please!

— Gimba Kakanda (@gimbakakanda)
ID: 3733470

17. That’s not South Africa (and it’s not really close at all).

ID: 3733903

18. And no, CNN, that is definitely not China.

ID: 3733454

The lesson, as always:

ID: 3734376

h/t to the Washington Post for initially rounding up several of the tweets here.

ID: 3733493

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