The 8 Most Important Moments From “The X Factor” Big Band Week

Halfway though the competition. And that’s life.

8. Luke Friend just wasn’t suitable for the theme.


He did so well last week with Disco. But he just trod water with Van Morrison’s “Moondance”. And you do have to wonder if there was a Samson And Delilah thing going on since his hair was emasculated.

7. Sam Callahan referenced the terrible comments he’s had from Gary recently by doing “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”.


Metatextual, do you see? Sam is still very pretty, but still can’t sing. But he wasn’t the worst, so this is progress.

6. Abi Alton proved that when you sing “That’s Life” then that sometimes really is life. She went out.


She actually sang really well, but in the cold light of day, she never looked comfortable in this competition, and making it halfway is probably quite good for an artist like her.

5. Nicholas McDonald saw Louis Walsh do what Louis Walsh does best with “Dream A Little Dream”.


Nothing says “Louis Walsh is about to make a lot of money” like a boy in a blazer singing a ballad. But Louis is good at this stuff for a reason. Nicholas got to show off what he can do vocally with a song that really suited him.

4. Tamera Foster did “Cry Me A River” very well but she has problems.


Tamera is coasting. Coasting at the highest level, but coasting all the same. Her vocal performance is still flawless, but it’s becoming noticable that she’s just not putting as much purchase into it as some of her rivals.

3. Rough Copy just carry on being brilliant fun


The last remaining band are starting to look like more than dark horses. They’re proper contenders and they showed off this “whole package” once again with their excitable “Hit The Road Jack”.

2. Hannah Barrett just gets better and better and yet she still was in the bottom two.


The big problem at the moment is that post 1D, everyone is wise to the fact that whoever they vote as winner makes no real difference to who will go on to do well. So nobody’s bothering to vote. That means that there’s absolutely no reason or rhyme as to who will get the most or less votes, and so the voting is meaningless. And so poor Hannah was in the bottom two once more.

1. It’s looking increasingly likely that Sam Bailey could win.


X Factor legend has it that the oldies never win. Especially after the awful business with Steve Brookstein. But there’s something different going on with this prison officer. Her belting performances are raising a real emotional response with the viewers each week, and she’s showing she knows her way around something faster than a ballad too. Her “New York, New York” just added to that.

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