Proof That "Dancing In The Street" Is The Greatest Music Video Ever Made

It doesn’t matter what you wear. Which explains a lot.

1. David Bowie and Mick Jagger’s 1985 cover of “Dancing in the Street” has the greatest video ever.

Other people will tell you it’s terrible. They’re wrong. Let me explain.

ID: 3658955

2. The song and video were recorded quickly for Live Aid during a gap in Bowie and Jagger’s schedules.

This video is the only thing whiter than those Reeboks.

ID: 3658982

3. There was zero budget for the shoot, so they filmed in abandoned buildings in London Docklands.

On an unrelated note, drug-use and silk shirts were rife in the mid-80s.

ID: 3658985

4. Because if you are trying to start a dance revolution, what better place than an abandoned dockyard.

The world was ready for a brand new beat. That shirt, not so much.

ID: 3659143

5. Bowie, not to be outdone by Jagger’s silk shirt/mullet combo, rocks up in a cheetah-print jumpsuit.

And it is glorious.

ID: 3659151

6. This video has everything.

Sick stunts!

ID: 3659153

7. Crane shots!

Pretty sure this is just someone walking down some stairs with a camera.

ID: 3659156

8. Erotic undertones!

Intimate, but not as intimate as their rumoured love affair during the 70s.

ID: 3659186

9. Dancing!

In the streets. Of the abandoned docks.

ID: 3659200

10. Product placement!

Life is shit. Have a Coke.

ID: 3659201

11. That’s not shade Mick is throwing. It’s love.


ID: 3659204

12. This doorway scene is famous for being choreographed by absolutely no one.

You can’t make this shit up. You have to let it happen.

ID: 3659205

13. At this point it sounds like Bowie forgets his line.

But not one cares because Bowie.

ID: 3659210

14. Jagger gives a shout out to Detroit, home of Motown Records: “Don’t forget the Motor City!”

But we did forget. Shame on us.

ID: 3659211

15. The song spent four weeks at the top of the UK charts in September and October 1985.

And nearly 30 years at the top of our hearts.

ID: 3659274

16. Beatles reference!

Thus concludes the best doorway dance in music video history.

ID: 3659276

17. Here is the exact moment that David Bowie invented dad dancing.


ID: 3659279

18. If you look closely you’ll notice Mick Jagger’s waist actually tapers into infinity.

His pants are held up through sheer willpower.

ID: 3659280

19. Freestyle street-dance battle!

Everything Step Up could have been, right here.

ID: 3659284

20. White people!

The fancy lights in the background are just a line of nicked Ford Escorts.

ID: 3659288

21. The end.

And that’s how we ended communism in Europe.

ID: 3659290

22. Here is the whole video.

Go on, treat yourself.

ID: 3680479

Or if you prefer it without the music.

ID: 3659353

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Dan Dalton is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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