Yet 10 More Very Uncomfortable Phallic Images

Penis-shaped things everywhere, but never when you need one.

1. Yeah, no tea for me, thanks. See more of them here.

ID: 1330681

2. German toothpaste ad. Germans.

ID: 1330673
ID: 1330688

4. Men (and women) of a certain (old) age remember this very unsubtle “package”

ID: 1330672

5. A little graffiti via Japan.

ID: 1330677

6. Olympic pole vault champ Renaud Lavillenie.

ID: 1330695

7. Battery-powered, vibrating children’s toothbrush from in a box of Rice Krispies

ID: 1330699

8. Dick flops.

ID: 1330702

9. Hello, uh, Kitty.

ID: 1330689

10. New ad via Polo. I’m sorry, that is NO accident.

ID: 1330675

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