The Best Fake Ads Of The Year

The biggest fake ad awards show in the world — UK’s Chip Shop Awards — announced their finalists. Here’s the best of the bunch.

1. ALDI is a chain of discount supermarkets.

ID: 1200422

2. Probably too honest.

ID: 1200414

3. Dulux Paints

ID: 1200314

4. Daz detergent — another “50 Shades” riffing ad.

ID: 1200429

5. Would be a damn effective PSA.

ID: 1200320

6. Boots is the UK’s most popular chemist.

ID: 1200324

7. Oxfam secondhand clothing shops.

ID: 1200333

8. Bentley is the official fuck you car of the world.

ID: 1200347

9. Dettol disinfectant.

ID: 1200353

10. Television X is a series of Adult TV channels in the UK.

ID: 1200367

11. Findus packaged fish. Playing off the horsemeat scandal in the UK.

ID: 1200371

12. A Hot Wheels update to a famous classic VW ad.

ID: 1200377

13. Simple smart PSA.

ID: 1200405
ID: 1200441

15. Garnier ultra lift. Would be a nice magazine insertion.

ID: 1200460

16. SNAP, BURN, etc.

ID: 1200448

17. Hilarious. Tena is a leading seller of incontinence products.

ID: 1200437


And here’s the 21 most offensive fake ads entered in the contest.

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ID: 1200507

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