Five Insanely Good Commercials From The Last Five Years

None of them are from America, of course.


The Scrubbing bubbles? Mr. Clean? The Ty-D-Bol Man? They can all eat scum and die. This commercial for a product called Vixol Red Fresh Berry is the best cleaning product commercial ever!
Ad agency: McCann, Bangok.


This is why digital technology was invented: to make a Rubik’s Cube out of an English man’s big honkin’ head. Enjoy the old school rapping of the Gap Band.
Ad agency: CHI & Partners, London.


I of course could do a whole separate post on brilliantly insane Japanese commercials. But I’ll limit it here to my two favorites. The above CLIO-winning commercial is for Esthe Wam hair removal.
Ad agency: O&M Japan.


Also via Japan: Milk helps student beat evil chalk teacher. I’m sold.
Ad agency: Dentsu


This spot for Rexona (known as Degree in the US) Sensitive deodorant won a Silver Lion at Cannes in 2011 for “Best Use of Music.” I can’t argue with that decision. Ad agency: Ponce, Argentina.

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