The 45 Coolest Promo Mobiles Of The Last 100 Years

From the Blatz BeerMobile to the WienerMobile, and every awesome ad-mobile in between.

1. The “Pep-O-Mint” car via Life Savers. Darling.

ID: 1422172

2. “The lamp without glare” — cool as Hell.

ID: 1422109

3. The Moxie Horse Mobiles were big in the 1920s. Not a real horse.

ID: 1421993

4. The Blatz Beermobile. Awesome.

ID: 1422125

5. The Hoover vacuum-mobile. COOL.

ID: 1421954

6. The be-finned Bic Pens Mobile.

ID: 1421948

7. The Zippo windproof lighter mobile. Brilliant.

ID: 1422054

8. The Miror metal polish promo-van.

ID: 1421950

9. Berrogaz butane/propane truck.

ID: 1421952

10. Via Italy. Don’t know what business it was for, but it was a sharp vehicle.

ID: 1422106

11. The very slick Butagaz-mobile, another French butane/propane company.

ID: 1421959

12. This rocket-like vehicle promoted the futuristic TELEAVIA French TV. These French promo vehicles used to line up along the Tour de France route.

ID: 1421946

13. Hey Hey, it’s the MonkeesMobile.

ID: 1422127

14. The Kissmobile was created in 1997.

ID: 1421965

15. A Kiss tongue-bug.

ID: 1422095

16. The new (2011) Nutmobile.

ID: 1421971

17. The rolling Goldfish is smart looking.

ID: 1421978

18. The Peep Beetle, adorned for X-Mas.

ID: 1421979

19. The Reebok road runner racing shoe-car.

ID: 1421980

20. The “Tonymobile” which also features other Kellogg’s icons Toucan Sam and Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

ID: 1421982

21. The Boston Lobster Feast Bug of Orlando is pretty damn scary.

ID: 1421985

22. Who wouldn’t want to drive an orange? The Outspan Orangemobile is via Fyffes, an Irish fruit and produce company.

ID: 1421998

23. The Yoo Hoo bottle trailer.

ID: 1421999

24. Unknown farm or produce truck. Damn nice.

Veggie Mobile Created by Matt Targon, WOW Vehicles / Via
ID: 1422001

25. The awesome Meow Mix Mobile.

ID: 1422010

26. Tina’s Italian Ices

Tina’s Ice Truck Created by Matt Targon, WOW Vehicles / Via
ID: 1422012

27. Yummie.

Yummiemobile Created by Matt Targon, WOW Vehicles / Via
ID: 1422014

28. The turtle Beetle of Turtle Transit, a business that makes custom promo vehicles.

ID: 1422032

29. The Flying Fingers Yarn Shop van.

ID: 1422040

30. This burgermobile is via the Westport Flea Market Bar & Grillin of Kansas City.

Hamburger Mobile Westport Flea Market by Matt Targon, WOW Vehicles / Via
ID: 1422049

31. The “Avacardo” is appearing in a current Subway commercial.

ID: 1422063

32. A Del Monte Banana mobile.

ID: 1422072

33. A Ronald ShoeMobile.

ID: 1422078

34. A ScorpionCar for Truly Nolen pest control.

ID: 1422089

35. A muffler-mobile.

ID: 1422092

36. The L.L. Bean Bootmobile.

ID: 1422098

37. The HootSuite hoot-bus.

ID: 1422101

38. A shoe car (made of leather) for Kang shoes, via China.

ID: 1422122

39. A HippoMobile, via Kabaya, a Japanese confectionery company.

ID: 1422133

40. Yes, it’s Lincoln’s Toe Truck of Seattle. A Beautiful thing.

ID: 1422135

41. Via the UK, it’s the Bird’s Eye Pea Car.

ID: 1422167

42. The Cadbury fleet of Egg Cars.

ID: 1422175

43. The “Sperm” bike of the European Sperm Bank, via Copnehagen. That’s CEO Peter Bower delivering frozen samples to fertility clinics. Really.

ID: 1422115

44. The Red Bull Mini-mobiles.

ID: 1421967

45. And of course the King Of The Road.

ID: 1421962


About half these great photos are via the Product Mobiles blog, which updates regularly. Check it out.

ID: 1422179

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