Six Of The Dumbest Print Ads From The Last Six Years

You’ve seen the six best billboards from the last six years. Now, gaze upon failure.

Here’s a GREAT idea: Let’s riff off of the most iconic race protest photo in history to sell…..toilet cleaning gloves. From 2011, via Brazil.

ID: 518818

From 2011. You may be saying, “Hey, that’s a creative ad.” But, the Hells Angels didn’t think so. (They’ve got a brand, too.) Essilor (in France) got scared shitless and pulled the ad. Also, no apostrophe, idiots.

ID: 518786

This was a World Water Day mailer from 2009, via Belgium. To read the message, you had to run it under water. The translated line: “Without water, knowledge cannot flow.” Just a reminder that the main message of World Water Day is conserving water. I’m pretty sure you could still read it if you pissed on it.

ID: 518806

Man leaves wife because there’s no Jacobs instant coffee in the house. “Tell mommy I love her, and that I’ll be at the Tel Aviv Sheraton for break-up booty calls.” Nice Photoshopped tear. From 2011, via Israel.

ID: 519530

Playing ice hockey. With luggage. Hockey. Luggage. It doesn’t make an ice shard of sense. Plus, that Photoshop work, yikes. From 2010, via South Korea.

ID: 518805

From 2007. I mean: What the Hell was Intel thinking? It started a racist shitstorm that quickly blew up. Just Google Image search: “racist Intel ad.”

ID: 518809

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ID: 519487

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