More Proof That The Hipster Is Not Dead

Many say he/she is. Wishful thinking, dude/dudette. 11 photos.

1. It’s not the tat, it’s not the necklace, it’s not the earring, it’s not even that hair…thing. it’s the BANGLES.

ID: 1344609

2. Cons with one tongue? How un-urbane, man.

ID: 1344603

3. You’re still wearing Con sneakers Pffffff…

ID: 1344606
ID: 1344605

5. Shut-up, hipster embryo.

ID: 1344638

6. I know what you’re thinking: He’s a hippie, not a hipster. Wrong. He’s a hippie poseur. Trust me, I’ve lived in NYC for 27 years and have seen every incantation of the hipster. Plus, look at his jorts style.

ID: 1344619

7. Note how the subway riders on either side need to give him extra room for his ennui.

ID: 1344607

8. Note left on a scooter. Wrong, it is exactly because he is a hipster that he can park in the middle of the sidewalk.

ID: 1344621

9. True story.

ID: 1344633

10. News from today. Proof that they’re not dead, but should be.

ID: 1344661

11. Lastly Yelp, which always tells the truth, has heat-mapped hipsters in 11 American cities.

ID: 1344699


Here ya go.

ID: 1344703

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