10 Photos That Prove Hipsters Are Not Dead

And therefore, I WILL NOT stop using the word.

1. Hipster New Yorker with a fucking street hookah. A STREET HOOKAH.

ID: 1251620

2. Hipster cat walker shirt wide open DRINKING A MARTINI.

ID: 1251621
ID: 1251627

4. Hipster Apple Store Genius

ID: 1251619

5. Hipster college test taker

ID: 1251622

6. Could be ironic. Or ironic ironic. Or ironic ironic ironic. Who the fuck knows.

ID: 1251623

7. The green pants are actually the giveaway.

ID: 1251624

8. Statues dressed as hipsters, by French “designer” Alexis Persani.

ID: 1251628

9. Hipster street “art” via Bushwick, home of your favorite hipster “Girls” show.

ID: 1251625

10. On my daily subway, the ‘A’ train. Toe shoes, nutrient-dense green drink, fish bag. END OF ARGUMENT.

ID: 1251630

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