Funny, Scary Product Packaging

I’m not drinking that, I’m not eating that. 10 photos.

1. Thanks, Jones soda, for making me think of a loogie as I quench my thirst.

2. If you’re going to put a venomous snake on the bottle, I need something a little more specific than “liquor”

3. “The Health Cure Thing Step Into A New Century” — That’s quite a bombastic tagline.

4. From the 1960s. The copy sez: “THE WORLD’S GREATEST COMPUTERIZED PRE-PROGRAMMED ROBOT.” I read up on the “ALMOST HUMAN” Charley, and here is the sum total of his humanness and computerization: his arms articulate.


6. Yeah, you may have seen me before. I am the go-to model for cervical collar shoots.

7. Watch those tentacles, Jellyfish.

8. Childhood. RUINED.

9. I’m sorry, “CHEF,” but you really don’t look trustworthy, and the names of your products are very sketchy and non-specific.

10. Nice try, dude, but cats can smell “cheap” a mile away.


Scary Awkward Packaging (12 photos).

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