Scary/Awkward Product Packaging

What the Hell am I buying, exactly? 12 photos.

1. Phun with Photoshop! Mom, why are you putting your hand there?

ID: 1198096

2. Extra loud snorer is forever alone.

ID: 1198148

3. Uh huh-huh. Unauthorized Beavis & Butt-Head selling dumplings in Russia.

ID: 1198046

4. Gourmet Cuisine’s beef with stroganoff sauce. It looks like pieces of crap taking craps.

ID: 1198082

5. “Rainbow”

ID: 1198115

6. WHAT?!?

ID: 1198120

7. Off brand toilet paper via NYC. A crowd cheering your ass wipes.

ID: 1198195

8. Japanese condom packaging, targeting 10-year-olds, I presume. Kit Sack!

ID: 1198066

9. Evil Clown brand generic cheese puffs.

ID: 1198158

10. Via a bodega on the Lower East Side of NYC.

ID: 1198216

11. Via a meat case in Amsterdam. This was being done to relay that the killed animals had a better life. The Teddy Bears were placed in all the beef and pork packages. Try explaining this to the kids.

ID: 1198248

12. Looking at her face, I don’t think these are corn seeds.

ID: 1198133

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