11 Brilliant Ads That Don’t Need Any Copy

Great art direction doesn’t need words. The last two smart ads are new, for a Brazilian bookstore.

1. Via China, 2009.


ID: 1467956

2. Via The UK, 2008.

I would bet, having been in these meetings before, that the ad agency (JWT London) presented the ad without the copy line — because it definitely doesn’t need it. Kit Kat probably got nervous.

ID: 1467873

One of my favorite ads ever.
BUT again, it doesn’t need the “Really Sour” copy line.
Probably the stupid gutless client again.

ID: 1468005

4. Via Thailand, 2010.

Insane, but it works.

ID: 1467852

5. Via Spain, 2006.

Just “Sugar Free” would have been fine.
But since this is translated from Spanish, that may be why the unneeded “It’s” is there.

ID: 1468328

6. Via Panama, 2011.

ID: 1467890

7. Via India, 2009.

Amazingly, disgustingly funny.

ID: 1468151

8. Via Israel, 2006.

I LOVE this ad.
Unlike with many, many other overdone ads where “hot” is the reason to buy, this one shows only a slightly exaggerated scenario, and so is much more powerful.
It reminds me of the great Mad Men print ads of the 1960s.

ID: 1468382

9. Via France, 2007.

(Probably the client again).

ID: 1468403

10. Via Brazil, new ad.

Delightfully simple new ads for the Floriano Bookstore in Floriano, Brazil.
I GUESS the copy line is needed here, but it’s just an afterthought.
It’s the visuals that rule.
Second ad below.

ID: 1468246

11. Via Brazil, new ad.

ID: 1468257


And, just the opposite, here are 10 Brilliant Ads That Are Just Words.

ID: 1468795

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