10 Vintage Ads That Were Not F#©king Around

Today’s ads are husks by comparison.

1. “Ambient” ad for Atabrine, an anti-malaria drug. Photo shot in Papua, New Guinea during WWII.

ID: 1564402

2. 1902 Japanese cigarette ad. Just try to look away from the flying, smiling, smoking Pegasus with dragon wings.

ID: 1564195

3. 1970s Norwegian ad for Brigg beer. “Our brew!” Damn fucking straight, it’s our brew.

ID: 1564270

4. Early 20th century Colgate ad. If it tamed dragon breath, that’s good enough for me.

ID: 1564325

5. 1980 Smirnoff ad. Just a woman waterskiing drunk, while holding a martini, behind the Loch Ness Monster. And the model in the ad, Caroline Cossey, waa born a man.

ID: 1564244

6. 1919 French ad for Jubol laxative. LOOK at those Jubol shit scrubbers cleaning your colon—barefooted! How courteous of them!

ID: 1564303

7. Early 20th century Dr. Pepper ad. The 3 Vs copy, brilliant. Plus, way to steal Budweiser’s thunder with the tagline. PLUS, look at the fucking magnificent lion.

ID: 1564359

8. Late 19th century ad. Do you understand what BALLS it took to say “dispense with a horse” in the late 19th century?

ID: 1564373

9. Late 19th century Tetley ad. Brilliant line.

ID: 1564385

10. Sean Connery, who just turned 83 on Sunday, could probably still kick the shit out of any other James Bond, excepting maybe Daniel Craig. MAYBE.

ID: 1564438

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