23 Reasons Why Greg Bretz Should Be Your Valentine This Year

Move along Shaun White. This 23-year-old snowboarder is the only thing you’ll need to stay warm this valentine’s day.

Meet Greg Bretz:

He’s 23 and is part of the snowboard team representing the USA at Sochi 2014.

ID: 2428946

1. He looks adorable with all his gear on:

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images
ID: 2428916

2. And even more so with helmet hair…

Photo by Doug Pensinger / Getty Images
ID: 2428908

3. He’s not afraid of selfies!

ID: 2429006

4. Nor is he afraid of telling the world how much he loves his dad.


ID: 2428942

5. He can fly up high on his board:

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images
ID: 2428924

6. … Or without it.

ID: 2429352

7. And then act like a goofball with no regrets:

ID: 2428943

8. That smile…

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Aren’t you wishing you were that snowboard?

ID: 2428910

9. He has, by far, the best fashion sense out there…

ID: 2429024

10. When he sees a great photo op he snaps away…

Imagine all the cool photos you could have on your Instagram!?

ID: 2428951

11. He makes friends wherever he goes! (Even four legged ones).

Camo the dog helps us slip the pipe for a night session

— Greg Bretz (@gregbretzz)
ID: 2429085

12. He has a huge, HUGE, heart…

Take me home tomorrow girl!

— Greg Bretz (@gregbretzz)
ID: 2429043

13. *Speechless*


— Greg Bretz (@gregbretzz)
ID: 2428948

14. You can take him golfing with your dad:

ID: 2429011

15. When summer comes you’ll be having as much fun as during the winter if you tag along his side.

Summer is here.

— Greg Bretz (@gregbretzz)
ID: 2429087

16. The love he has for his little sister is just adooooorable:

ID: 2429018

17. And likewise towards his friends:

(Glad to know I’m not the only one trying to squeeze them like little ants between my fingers)

ID: 2429013

18. No need to hide your bad hair days, he has them too!

This is my "just got an amazing massage" hairdoo

— Greg Bretz (@gregbretzz)
ID: 2429036

19. He can teleport!!!! (Jk, but he knows how to Vine ;))

Roof teleportation.

— Greg Bretz (@gregbretzz)
ID: 2429285

20. You’ll get to travel with him around the world:

ID: 2428937

21. The kid knows how to ride:

ID: 2428955

22. The only valuable object he’ll ever shatter is his iPhone, not your heart.


— Greg Bretz (@gregbretzz)
ID: 2429056

23. And he just happens to be friends with Shaun White, the second-hottest snowboarder.

ID: 2429174

So, wanna be his valentine?

ID: 2429186

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