18 Undeniable Signs You’re In A Serious Relationship With Uncrustables

It’s uncomplicated.

1. You’ve completely moved in together.

2. You cant keep your lips off of them.

3. They’ve met the parents.

4. You always bring them to hang out with your friends.

5. You can’t imagine sleeping another night without them.

6. You never go shopping without them.

7. You’ve taken long road trips together.

8. Your favorite show is more enjoyable to watch together.

10. Wrappers from last night littered your bedroom.

11. Your dog has grown attached to them as much as you.

13. They’re in all your selfies.

15. You continue to make things exciting and new.

16. You enjoy every side of them.

17. You have eyes for nothing else.

18. And now all your past relationships look totally unappetizing and basic.

Because Uncrustables are just so damn amazing.

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