18 Undeniable Signs You’re In A Serious Relationship With Uncrustables

It’s uncomplicated.

1. You’ve completely moved in together.

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2. You cant keep your lips off of them.

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3. They’ve met the parents.

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4. You always bring them to hang out with your friends.

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5. You can’t imagine sleeping another night without them.

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6. You never go shopping without them.

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7. You’ve taken long road trips together.

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8. Your favorite show is more enjoyable to watch together.

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9. Your birthdays are exciting and special again.

Thank you to the @Pirates and to @Uncrustables for one of the best birthday cakes I've ever seen.

— Tony Sanchez (@Tony26Montana)
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10. Wrappers from last night littered your bedroom.

ID: 3080877

11. Your dog has grown attached to them as much as you.

ID: 3079961

12. You’ve seen each other at your worsts.

there's crust on my uncrustable!! #SMH @Uncrustables

— Adam Holstine (@AHol_10)
ID: 3080417

13. They’re in all your selfies.

ID: 3080623

14. You can’t stop thinking about them when you’re apart.

I thought they were Uncrustables but they're just coasters :(

— dana (@dcantinozzi)
ID: 3080138

15. You continue to make things exciting and new.

ID: 3080655

16. You enjoy every side of them.

ID: 3080669

17. You have eyes for nothing else.

ID: 3080896

18. And now all your past relationships look totally unappetizing and basic.

ID: 3082244

Because Uncrustables are just so damn amazing.

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