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21 People Who Failed So Hard They Actually Taught Us Science

What did they hypothesize was going to happen?

1. Lesson: Water can freeze into a hard solid called “ice.”

2. Lesson: Earth pulls down on objects with a force called “gravity.”

3. Lesson: Fire is a rapid chemical reaction that is both hot and burns.

4. Lesson: Metal conducts electricity.

5. Lesson: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

6. Lesson: An object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

7. Lesson: Air rises in water because it’s less dense (this includes farts).

8. Lesson: What goes up, must come down.

9. Lesson: Hydrogen is flammable.

10. Lesson: Water is fluid.

11. Lesson: Centripetal force makes the body follow a curved path.

12. Lesson: When the stress exceeds the strength of an object, it breaks.

13. Lesson: Waves move energy.

14. Lesson: Because of inertia, objects move in a constant direction at a constant speed.

15. Lesson: Water is a liquid that becomes slippery in its solid state.

16. Lesson: The more mass a moving object has, the more momentum it carries.

17. Lesson: Energy is transferred, never destroyed.

18. Lesson: Glass is a transparent solid.

19. Lesson: Objects with less density than water will always float on water.

20. Lesson: Unbalanced forces can cause objects to start moving, stop moving, or change direction.

21. Lesson: Cinnamon is water resistant.

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