21 People Who Are Worse At Ikea Than You

Adult Legos aren’t for everyone.

1. Anyone who puts a chair together like this.

ID: 3505523

2. Or like this.

ID: 3506058

3. Anyone who ends up with something like this as a coffee table.

ID: 3505528

4. Anyone who thinks this is a good place for a towel rack.

ID: 3506174

5. Anyone who finds nothing wrong with this bed frame.

ID: 3505772

6. Anyone who finds themselves spooning their ceiling at night.

ID: 3506388

7. Anyone who can’t tell the front of a desk from the back.

ID: 3505530

8. Anyone whose closet looks like this.

ID: 3505812

9. Anyone who has these metal poles as chairs in their house.

ID: 3505804

10. Anyone who has a dresser with a slouching problem.

ID: 3506383

11. Anyone who thinks a king-sized bed frame would fit their queen-sized mattress.

ID: 3506443

12. Anyone who thinks these door knobs match.

ID: 3505757

13. Anyone who thought this was going to work out.

ID: 3505829

14. Anyone who doesn’t understand how desk legs work.

ID: 3505946

15. Anyone who can make a piece of furniture completely unrecognizable and useless.

ID: 3505986

16. Anyone who doesn’t understand the purpose of bar stools.

ID: 3506186

17. Anyone who owns a chair like this.

ID: 3506253

18. Or like this.

ID: 3506220

19. Anyone who thinks all of these pieces are totally facing the right way.

ID: 3506291

20. Anyone who succumbs to the frustration of having upside down furniture.

ID: 3506987

21. And anyone who just simply doesn’t know how to Ikea.

ID: 3505745

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