How Much Of A Facebook Stalker Are You?

Tagging all falkers.

    1. 1 You’ve falked a friend.
    2. 2 You’ve falked yourself.
    3. 3 You’ve falked a family member.
    4. 4 You’ve falked a celebrity.
    5. 5 You’ve falked an ex.
    6. 6 You’ve falked an ex’s current significant other.
    7. 7 You’ve falked someone who you just met.
    8. 8 You’ve falked after the first date.
    9. 9 You’ve falked someone you’ve never met.
    10. 10 You’ve falked drunk.
    11. 11 You’ve falked sober.
    12. 12 You’ve falked in every room of your house.
    13. 13 You’ve falked in someone else’s house.
    14. 14 You’ve falked in public.
    15. 15 You have a favorite falking position.
    16. 16 You’ve tag team falked someone with someone else.
    17. 17 You’ve blacked out while falking.
    18. 18 You falk first thing in the morning.
    19. 19 You’ve falked while driving.
    20. 20 You’ve stayed up all night to falk.
    21. 21 You’ve fallen asleep in the middle of falking.
    22. 22 You’ve dreamed about falking.
    23. 23 You’ve dreamed about a person who you were just falking.
    24. 24 You’ve falked via backscrolling.
    25. 25 You only falk via backscrolling.
    26. 26 You knew backscrolling was going through someone’s pictures from oldest to newest, because you’re a falker.
    27. 27 You’ve accidentally set a stalkee’s name as your status.
    28. 28 You’ve accidentally typed a stakee’s name in Google out of falker muscle memory.
    29. 29 You’ve opened your laptop to evidence of your last falking session.
    30. 30 You’ve thought you met someone before but really you just falked them.
    31. 31 You’d rather falk someone than talk to someone.
    32. 32 You’ve created a Facebook list of your favorite people to falk.
    33. 33 You’ve gotten mad over something you saw while you were falking.
    34. 34 You falk with no regrets.
    35. 35 You’ve fallen in love with someone through excessive falking.
    36. 36 You’ve fallen in love with someone you’ve never met though excessive falking.
    37. 37 You’ve deactivated your account because of your falking addiction.
    38. 38 You’ve reactivated your account because of your falking addiction.
    39. 39 You’ve created a second Facebook to falk all the people who’ve blocked you.
    40. 40 Falking has led you to actually stalking.
    41. 41 You falked while taking this quiz.

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