Weekly Favorite 5 From Viral Video Chart

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No description necessary.

ID: 8107

4. Back To The Start

For a cover of a Coldplay song, performed for a fast food chain, this is surprisingly well done. Granted, Willie Nelson could probably cover the groaning noise I make when I wake up and make it sound good.

ID: 8109

3. Bonjour, Girl!

Randall the honey badger guy gives his unique take on Beauty and the Beast.

ID: 8112

2. McFly’s Closet

This was the teaser video that accompanied the initial buzz that Nike would be releasing the actual self-lacing Air Mag shoe from Back To The Future. After the video, click here for more info.

ID: 8110

1. Freddie Mercury Google Doodle

In honor of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday, Google put together this animated video.

ID: 8111

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