This Cat Can’t Believe Your Verizon Data

Ever wonder why Nala looks so shocked all the time? Turns out, she’s the government employee tasked with going through your phone records.

1. “Pizza delivery? Every day in February??”

ID: 1243409

2. “Wow, way to forget your Dad’s birthday.”

ID: 1243553

3. “You spend way too much time texting your BFF about bowel movements.”

ID: 1243410

4. “You called your ex last night?”

ID: 1243407

5. “I didn’t know someone could take and send so many selfies in one day.”

ID: 1243411

6. “You cancelled plans with your Grandma to play video games?”

ID: 1243431

7. “Wow, you were really embarrassed about last night.”

ID: 1243417

8. “You call your mom EVERY day?”

ID: 1243551

9. “The amount of pictures you send of other people’s dogs is creepy.”

ID: 1243418

10. “You ordered Chinese 3 days in a row this week. Way get some variety in there, champ.”

ID: 1243422

11. “Oh wow, you’re hungry again, I’m sure your S.O. is really interested.”

ID: 1243420

12. “That picture you sent your BFF last May? Yes, your butt did look fat.”

ID: 1243424

13. “I cannot look at another picture of your meal.”

ID: 1243425

14. “Oh, cool. Another picture of your cat”

ID: 1243429

15. “Ok, I kind of like all these pictures of your cat”

ID: 1243558

16. “Seriously. Maybe stop texting her if she never responds.”

ID: 1243432

17. “You said you were at the gym but your GPS data says otherwise.”

ID: 1243462

18. “Seriously, how did you eat so much pizza?”

ID: 1243463

19. “You broke up with someone via text? Way harsh.”

ID: 1243465

20. “You told your S.O. you were staying in but you went out drinking instead, didn’t you?”

ID: 1243478

21. “I am 100% certain you have a drinking problem.”

ID: 1245366

22. “You’ve texted so much about farting, I’m wondering if it’s a serious medical problem.”

ID: 1243480

23. “Sending that naked picture was a high risk, high reward sitch, am I right?”

ID: 1243467

24. “Oh you donated a few times to the Red Cross. High five!”

ID: 1243493

25. “I’m sorry, is Ryan Gosling hot? I couldn’t tell from your million texts.”

ID: 1243571

26. “Saw what you searched on WebMD. Sorry about the STD.”

ID: 1243568

27. “I wonder what scandals are in my phone…”

ID: 1243489

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