The 40 Most Awkward Dogs Of 2013

An ode to the dogs who made us feel better about ourselves this year.

40. This dog who refused to take a good family picture.

ID: 2047365

39. This guy who got cut from the baseball team immediately after this photo was taken.

ID: 2047360

38. This gal who mistakenly thought this was the best way to get let back in the house.

ID: 2047373

37. This champion.

ID: 2047376

36. This dog who got a little too curious.

ID: 2049539

35. This awkward butt situation.

ID: 2047471

34. This dog who insisted on maintaining eye contact every time he took a dump this year.

ID: 2049653

33. This.

ID: 2047384

32. This strange dancer.

ID: 2049517

31. This husky who just wants you to see how clean his teeth are.

ID: 2049670

30. This guy who never asks what YOU do in your free time.

ID: 2049419

29. This dog who forgot how to catch.

ID: 2049660

28. This dog who still hasn’t wrapped his head around the concept of “too big.”

ID: 2049513

27. This guy who ended up in the back of the wrong car.

ID: 2047410

26. This dog who just wants to be a sk8er boi.

ID: 2049664

25. This guy who doesn’t care if you think he’s being “rude” or “awkward.”

ID: 2048021

24. This Chihuahua who made a huge mistake but is too proud to admit it.

ID: 2047413

23. This guy who insisted on watching TV like this even though it makes everyone uncomfortable.

ID: 2047350

22. This dog who has no idea how he got here but he wants out.

ID: 2047945

21. This dog who refused to go through the other door, making his kids embarrassed every.time.

ID: 2047470

20. This dog who had no concept of “space” or “doorways.”

ID: 2047564

19. This dog who isn’t even shocked, she just looks like this.

ID: 2049677

18. This guy who tried to start a new trend but it just wasn’t happening.

ID: 2047570

17. This dog who saw Gigli for the first time this year.

ID: 2047577

16. The uninvited pizza guest who just wanted to stare you down every time you had a slice.

ID: 2049416

15. This dog who was caught trying to catch a ride.

ID: 2049645

14. The dog who will take the training wheels off when he’s damn well ready, OK?

ID: 2047948

13. This potted plant.

ID: 2047859

12. This failed father-son game of catch.

ID: 2047431

11. These hungover messes, who made everyone at the wedding feel awkward.

ID: 2047855

10. This dog who forgot what was real and what was fake.

ID: 2047369

9. This once-promising athlete.

ID: 2049098

8. This dachshund who got a little too cozy in a sweatshirt.

ID: 2047557

7. This awkward “hug, handshake or kiss on the cheek?” situation.

ID: 2048006

6. This smart, if awkward problem solver.

ID: 2049496

5. This pug who regrets ever letting you talk him into this.

ID: 2048048

4. This pup who got trapped in a bowl and couldn’t get out, summarizing why puppies are the best.

ID: 2047813

3. This awkwardly adorable smile that melts hearts at a moment’s notice.

ID: 2048028

2. The first dog ever to get confused by a treat.

ID: 2047423

1. Finally, this dog trying not to sneeze.

ID: 2047377

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