The Cast Of “Girls” And Their Animal Doppelgangers

We know you’re having major “Girls” withdrawal, even just knowing that it won’t be back on this Sunday. To help, here’s a list of the main characters of “Girls” and their animal doppelgangers. Let the award show begin!

1. The “Hannah” Award Goes to…

ID: 998286

2. The Hamster

Big brown eyes and loves cupcakes. Also, hamsters exhibit extreme OCD behavior when they’re on their wheels.

ID: 997835

3. The “Adam”…

ID: 998305

4. The Monkey

Cute but volatile

ID: 998307

5. The “Marnie” Goes to…

ID: 998292

6. The Standard Poodle

Beautiful, smart, uptight and attracted to Labradors (see Charlie’s doppleganger below).

ID: 998294

7. Exhibit B for Marni as the Standard Poodle

Loves to do covers of songs when she’s depressed.

ID: 997865

8. The “Charlie”…

ID: 998350

9. The Labrador

Loyal to a fault, he just wants to make sweet sweet labradoodles with Marnie the poodle.

ID: 998365

10. The “Shoshana”…

ID: 998296

11. The Lovable and High Maintenance Shih-Tzu

Killer/Crazy hairstyles, this shih-tzu would definitely claim “I may be deflowered but I’m not devalued”

ID: 998297

12. As for the “Ray” Award…

ID: 998310

13. The Snapper Turtle

Judgmental, he does not usually come out of his shell. Only for certain, lovably shih-tzu’s bound to break his ambition-less heart.

ID: 998314

14. And Finally, the “Jessa” Award Goes to…

ID: 998325

15. The Lisa Frank Dolphin

Free-spirited, sometimes Jessa’s existence seems unreal but always colorful**

**Also, not to ruin your favorite childhood brand but these dolphins totally look like they’re having an orgy and Jessa would totally be down for that.

ID: 998338

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