22 Photos That Prove Elephants Make The World A Better Place

Between poaching and their treatment at circuses, elephants are up against a lot. Here’s a small reminder how special these endangered animals are.

1. This splish-splasher.

ID: 3242286

2. This cutie who just wants you to have a fantastic day!

ID: 3242904

3. This story of Shirley and Jenny reuniting at last:

ID: 3242338

4. This guy who’s waving his trunk in the air like he just doesn’t care.

ID: 3242305

5. This timid cutie.

ID: 3242331

6. This little one who just wants to share.

ID: 3242906

7. This little fuzzball.

ID: 3242907

8. This little guy who just wants you to play in the snow with him.

ID: 3242161

9. This mother and daughter.

ID: 3242916

10. This guy in his new (dirt) face paint.

ID: 3242944

11. This snuggle bunny.

ID: 3242999

12. These mud wrestlers.

ID: 3242957

13. This gal pullin’ a “Clint Eastwood Talking to a Chair” routine.

Wild Africa Nature/Wild Africa Nature
ID: 3243015

14. This orphaned elephant named Moses getting acquainted with his new dog brothers.

AP Photo/Denis Farrell
ID: 3252478

15. This grown-up elephant and his best friend.

Splash News
ID: 3255271

16. These love bugs.

ID: 3243022

17. And this professional booper.

ID: 3243043

18. This eager elephant who just wants to say hi so badly.

ID: 3243053

19. This playful muddy-pants.

ID: 3243058

20. This one who’s really everyone’s best friend.

ID: 3243069

21. Basically, the world would be 100% less special without these guys.

ID: 3243011

22. There are obviously thousands of more reasons too. Check out more information here and here.

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