Let Waffles The Tortoise Show You How To Make The Perfect Black Forest Cake

We all know Waffles is the best tortoise out there but did you know he also bakes? Let him show you how in 10 easy steps.

1. “Get your mix together, there is no need to make this part from scratch.”

2. “Crack some eggs. If you are a reptile, it’s very funny to pretend you’re just hatching. People will be like WOAH A NEWBORN KNOWS HOW TO BAKE?? LOLOL”

3. “Mix the ingredients together but most importantly, lick the beaters. You know, soley for quality assurance.”

4. “Next, pour the delicious mixture into pans. Think about diving in, decide against it.”

5. “Back at 325 for 27 minutes. Watch the clock adamantly.”

6. “Inspect cheese grater to make sure there’s no cheese. No cheese? Then start shaving the chocolate!”

7. “Don’t forget the cherries! If they can hold you up, it means they’re good quality.”

8. “Make some whipped cream. Be sneaky if you want to try it. I bet you can’t even tell that I’ve had any but I DID.”

9. “Put the delicious whipped cream and quality cherries between the two cakes. Don’t forget to stand back and admire what you’ve done.”

“While I, Waffles, enjoy making these cakes, I cannot eat them. Instead, I chomp on some tortoise-friendly hibiscus before, during, and after the baking process.”

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