Meet Waffles, The Tortoise Of Your Dreams

Sulcata tortoise by day, super hero by night. Waffles is saving the world, one adorable moment at a time.

1. Waffles is proud to be Canadian.

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2. In his off-time he enjoys fighting crime and saving the innocent from evil.

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3. Oh, and he’s serious about his hygiene.

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4. Also? Waffles is really into his art. Yeah, that’s paint he got on him accidentally. Such an artist!

ID: 1325264

5. He LOVES dandelions.

ID: 1325269

6. And thinks they’re the best breakfast ever.

ID: 1325273

7. But he’s not afraid to get adventurous with his diet.

ID: 1325283

8. Waffles also enjoys being in the great outdoors.

ID: 1325329

9. Especially when he gets to hang out with his friends. This is Molly.

ID: 1325331

10. And this is Moe.

ID: 1325334

11. (Moe makes a great fuzzy playground for Waffles to climb on.)

ID: 1325347

12. And this is his friend Beans.

ID: 1325336

13. Waffles isn’t afraid to get in touch with his geeky side.

ID: 1325353

14. And he’s not ashamed to show off what a savvy businessman he is.

ID: 1325358

15. But mostly Waffles loves to try on new clothes his mom knits him.

ID: 1325361

16. And he’s happy to be his artist mom’s muse.

ID: 1325367

17. Because really, when you get to have so many adventures…

ID: 1325371

18. and meet so many new friends…

ID: 1325376

19. ….what more could a little guy want?

ID: 1325385

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