17 Dogs Who Lack All Self-Awareness

Dogs may not see themselves exactly how they are. But that’s part of their charm, right?

1. When it’s time to be ferocious…

Source: flickr.com and offleashmedia.com

ID: 1241100

2. When it’s time to be brave…

Source: Shutterstock.com

ID: 1241188

3. When she finds the perfect hiding spot…

Sources: apartmenttherapy.com and wawalove.pl

ID: 1241267

4. When he just wants to feel one with nature…

Sources: public-domain-image.com and tinypic.com

ID: 1241995

5. When he doesn’t want you to know he ate your human food…

Sources: shutterstock.com and wallpaperz-prince.blogspot.com

ID: 1242004

6. When she’s being carried…

Sources: shutterstock.com and allthingsdogblog.com

ID: 1242005

7. When he’s scared…

Sources: flickr.com and lolme.org

ID: 1242010

8. When he’s hanging out in a beach chair…

Sources: flickr.com and devdevsn.wordpress.com

ID: 1242020

9. When he’s chewing on his toy…

Sources: shutterstock.com and commons.wikimedia.org

ID: 1242006

10. When he rides on his horse…

Sources: flickr.com and imgur.com

ID: 1242016

11. When he’s getting out of the pool…

and epiclol.com

ID: 1242025

12. When she sticks her head out the window…

Sources: shutterstock.com and plus.google.com

ID: 1242030

13. When he’s sitting on his motorcycle…

Sources: flickr.com and bikechatforums.com

ID: 1242022

14. When she decides to do something new with the walls…

Sources: commons.wikimedia.org and vebopet.com.au

ID: 1242068

15. When he’s playing in the fertilizer…

Sources: shutterstock.com and xaxor.com

ID: 1242029

16. When he’s howling at the moon…

Sources: flickr.com and flickr.com

ID: 1242443

17. When she’s riding in the car…

Sources: Acey Harper//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images and blog.luciolepress.com

ID: 1242034

Except this guy. He’s exactly as awesome as he thinks he is.

Source: AFP

ID: 1242013

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