These Animals Understand Your Diet Woes

It’s hard to stick to your diet plan. These animals get it.

1. The work-outs started out okay…

ID: 1011040

2. But quickly devolved into this:

ID: 1011036

3. Incorporating vegetables are a good start!

ID: 1011052

4. It’s important to try new, healthy foods.

Too bad they’re disgusting.

ID: 1011056

5. Seriously. You call broccoli a food??

ID: 1011057

6. You call this a full meal??

ID: 1011038

7. Bitch please.

ID: 1011039

8. Portion control is so hard!

ID: 1011046

9. The Hangry’s* start to take over, everyone hates you

Hangry: when hunger causes extreme anger.

ID: 1011042

10. You’re even snapping at your friends who aren’t on diets.

ID: 1011077

11. You start to think, if no one sees you take it, the calories don’t count…

ID: 1011044

12. Just one more…

ID: 1011050

13. Just a little nibble of cake didn’t hurt anyone

ID: 1011048

14. Feeling guilty about wanting all the pizza.

ID: 1011079

15. Screw it. Diet Over.

Ate the whole box, happier than ever.

ID: 1011051

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