The 100 Most Important Dog Photos Of All Time

These dogs have changed our hearts, our lives, our world. Perhaps more so than these important cats.

100. The Marshmallow Dog

Why it matters: It epitomizes all that is cute and right in this world. On a bad day, you can look at this glorious beauty and remember how awesome it is to be alive.

ID: 2936906

99. The Swinging Jowls of Glory

Why it matters: Thomas and Frankie were the first two basset hounds to complete a half marathon without any training. This is incredibly difficult for any animal, beast, creature, etc., to do. APPRECIATE THE GLORY.

ID: 2937776

98. The “Hey, Whatcha Doin’?” Dog

Why it matters: Because, hey…whatcha doin’?

ID: 2936590

97. The Glass Face Dog

Why it matters: Dogs do this quite frequently, but this is the trendsetter; this is the first dog who did this (probably). And if he wasn’t the first to do it, it doesn’t even matter because he is THE BEST.

ID: 2936595

96. The Pugsplorer

Why it matters: Pugs are often seen as being weak and afraid, but not Melvin. He braved not only wearing a LIFE VEST but he kayaked a good 10 feet away from shore. We should all strive to be as brave as him.

ID: 2936974

95. The Cowboy

Why it matters: YOU TRY DOING THAT.

ID: 2936648

94. The Romantic

Why it matters: Before this dog, no one knew or understood how to love.

ID: 2936813

93. Raymond

Why it matters: This dog gave strength to all goofballs who wanted to mess up their family photo. Without him, 100% of family photos would remain 100% boring.

ID: 2936581

92. Doge

Why it matters: Uh, have you been on the internet?

ID: 2936693

91. The Shocked Dog

Why it matters: This is live documentation of this dog taking in the world’s worst images so you don’t have to. Like the dog Giver. So brave, and now, so wise.

ID: 2936644

90. The Growth Spurt

Why it matters: Growing up is hard to do but this dog’s refusal to give up old habits is inspiring.

ID: 2938288

89. The Flower Child

Why it matters: Because he’s so chill, man. Like, he’s always forcing you to think about the world around you.

ID: 2937511

88. The Shameless Snuggler

Why it matters: His eyes tell it all. Don’t wake someone up from their nap.

ID: 2936816

87. The Scrub

Why it matters: ‘Cause as he was hanging out the side of his best friend’s ride trying to holler, he hollered at TLC and they wrote a hit song about the incident.

ID: 2937530

86. Norm the Pug

Why it matters: Norm was the first dog to be brave enough to take the first dog selfie.

ID: 2950074

85. The Wedding Drunks

Why it matters: Terry took advantage of the open bar at their friend’s wedding and had to take a “time out.”

ID: 2936649

84. The Pixar Dog

Why it matters: Uh, he invented Pixar.

ID: 2936695

83. The Peek-A-Boo

Why it matters: Boo is a magnificent dog who looks like a toy and tbh, I’m not sure if he’s even in this pic or if it’s just a bunch of stuffed animals.

ID: 2937773

82. The Wrecking Pug

Why this matters: Never has a pug been more culturally relevant.

ID: 2936955

81. The Bed Head

Why it matters: This dog vowed to never leave his bed and they actually fused into one being.

ID: 2937888

80. The Ultimate Cuddle Puddle

Why it matters: This is the ultimate photo of a baby and his pups. The baby pictured will undoubtedly go on to cure cancer due to the love, support, and nap time bliss these Frenchies provided.

ID: 2936951

79. The Saddest Christmas Elf

Why it matters: He’s Jewish.

ID: 2936893

78. The Double Shotgun

Why it matters: We’ve all be here.

ID: 2950178

77. The Surreptitious Shitter

Why it matters: This is actually an award-winning photo due to the dog in the background. The prize money was the center of a huge lawsuit, as the dog felt he deserved half. The lawsuit, Dog v. LIFE, set a precedent for all subsequent dog trials everywhere.

ID: 2937124

76. The Leaf Lover

Why it matters: Shortly after this photo was taken, this pooch was inspired to invent the pumpkin spice latte. He now lives a lavish lifestyle in the hills of Los Angeles, where there is no fall.

ID: 2938302

75. The Strong Independent Dog Who Don’t Need No Man

Why it matters: Uh, she’s a strong independent dog who don’t need no man.

ID: 2936855

74. The Pugtato

Why it matters: Is it a pug? Is it a potato? These are the questions we have to keep asking ourselves.

ID: 2936979

73. The Adoption

Why it matters: Dogs and cats CAN get along, people! WE JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE.

ID: 2936942

72. The Pugumentary

Why it matters: This is the first time the pug and his corgi brother were left home alone. The corgi was fine but the pug insisted on documenting it Blair Witch style for the two hours their parents were gone. This is the only record we have of that fateful night.

ID: 2936966

71. The Shocked Lady

Why it matters: Wait, did you just…? No, you couldn’t have. OMG YOU DID???

ID: 2936627

70. The Presidential Pooch

Why it matters: If anyone can make “fetch” happen, it’s Bo.

ID: 2943549

69. The Lookout

Why it matters: Ain’t nobody getting past this dog.

ID: 2950162

68. The High Fashion Model

Why it matters: This dog broke through the barrier to become the first pooch on the cover of an international high-fashion magazine.

ID: 2936683

67. The Video Caller

Why it matters: After the two humans got into a fight, this magnificent creature FORCED them to video chat and they made up. This action saved countless lives.

ID: 2937592

66. The Third Wheel

Why it matters: Because you shouldn’t be able to spell “love” without “dog.”

ID: 2937673

65. The Cow Dog

Why it matters: Because love knows no bounds, even if you’re not quite ready (like this bulldog).

ID: 2937759

64. The Inspiration

Rex USA/Richard Austin

Why it matters: This dog doesn’t care about his setbacks. He enjoys life to the fullest and wants you to as well. Be this dog.

ID: 2951040

63. This Panorama Dog

Why it matters: It’s an ultimate feat in photography, requiring both photographer and dog to be cooperate. That movement, those swerves, just inspiring.

ID: 2937376

62. The Smiler

Why it matters: This is basically a flossing commercial and a reminder that a good smile coupled with a good attitude can accomplish anything.

ID: 2937199

61. The Team

Newspix / Rex/REX USA

Why it matters: Kids and dogs are the ultimate best friends and this just proves that point.

ID: 2938303

60. The Troubling Stickler

Why it matters: There is such a thing as “too big.”

ID: 2937462

59. The Ultimate Cone of Shame

Why it matters: If this dog can survive this much shame, you can survive anything.

ID: 2937475

58. The Weary Traveler

Why it matters: Because sometimes it’s OK to just give up and take a nap.

ID: 2937485

57. The Artist

Why it matters: After failing baseball tryouts, this dog began to take art classes instead. Now his work lives in New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

ID: 2936582

56. The Fashionista

Why it matters: Pat is bringing back circus chic whether you like it or not.

ID: 2950226

55. The Sliding Shakespeare

Why it matters: A lot of profane words were made up going down that slide.

ID: 2950200

54. The Most Unimpressed Dog in the World

Why it matters: Because sometimes things aren’t worth the hype and that’s OK.

ID: 2937496

53. Frisbee Mouth Dog

Why it matters: This is an early protoype of the mouthguard, protecting dogs and football players around the world.

ID: 2937501

52. The Disappearing Act

Why it matters: This dog proves the existence of a space-time vortex, accessible only to those pure of heart. He’s smiling because he sees all the beauty in the world us normals cannot begin to imagine.

ID: 2937460

51. The Sneezer

Why it matters: This is the first dog to be featured in any sort of allergy medicine commercial.

ID: 2936663

50. The Birthday Boy

Why it matters: Sometimes the simplest birthdays are the best birthdays when you’re with the ones you love.

ID: 2941719

49. Ray Charles

Why it matters: Not only is Ray Charles a downright INSPIRATION for being such a brave blind pup, but he grew up into quite an adorable hunk. This is also the best test to see if you have a heart: Did you smile? Congrats, you have one!

ID: 2937822

48. Towel Dog


ID: 2936700

47. The Tumble

Why it matters: At first you’re like, “Cool, cute pics of pups,” and then you’re like, “OMG LOOK AT THE PUP TUSH IN THE AIR, HE WAS JUST GOOFIN’ OFF AND AH I’VE NEVER SEEN SUCH A GOOD PUP TUSH IN THE AIR LIKE THAT.”

ID: 2937512

46. The Dog Laughing at His Own Joke

Why it matters: As long as you can amuse yourself, who cares what the rest of the world thinks?

ID: 2937758

45. The Sexy Ladies

Why it matters: Because they got it going on and they know it.

ID: 2937541

Also because this look:

ID: 2944681

44. The Dinner

Why it matters: Because never before has a dog resented his humans this much.

ID: 2936616

43. The Pizza Dog

Why it matters: Because this is how you feel about pizza to a T.

ID: 2936645

42. The Cutest Existentialist

Why it matters: This photo was taken by Albert Camus right before he wrote The Stranger as he realized no greater meaning could ever be fathomed.

ID: 2937581

41. The Big Trouble Dog

Why it matters: This is a terrifying depiction of cat and dog friendships. Good news: This was just a prank that should not be tried at home (it was ‘shopped but the expressions are so perfect).

ID: 2936869

40. The Little Puppy Who Couldn’t

Why it matters: It’s a good reminder that sometimes your dreams are closer than you think.

ID: 2937610

39. The Family Jewels

Why it matters: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” —Maya Angelou

ID: 2937617

38. Thelma

Why it matters: Where’s Louise?

ID: 2937614

37. The Pug Who Had Little Lamb

Why it matters: This pug’s name is Mary and yeah, she has a little lamb. It’s downright beautiful.

ID: 2936925

36. The Frisbee Face Dog

Why it matters: This is the ultimate dog fail — no one’s badly hurt, but it still makes us humans feel better about our own shortcomings.

ID: 2936626

35. The Pizza Thief

Why it matters: This dog went into a neighbor’s house, took an ENTIRE pizza, and casually made it across the street, back to his home without getting caught. LIVE YOUR DREAMS, DOG.

ID: 2937743

34. The Pug Triplets

Creative Commons / Flickr: wombatarama

Why it matters: Pug on pug on pug.

ID: 2936740

33. The Scarred Children

Why it matters: Never walk into your parents’ room without knocking.

ID: 2937636

32. Dogception

Why it matters: This makes us question all we know: Where does one dog end and the other begin? Does the dog in the photo have another picture of itself? It doesn’t make sense but maybe we just don’t UNDERSTAND.

ID: 2937506

31. The Side-Eye

Why it matters: Never underestimate the power of some good side-eye.

ID: 2937665

30. The Walker

Why it matters: This is some interspecies cooperation right here.

ID: 2937753

29. The Stoic Stander

Why it matters: This is the ultimate face of balance, repose, and dignity. Maddie knows she belongs on a pedestal and isn’t afraid to prove it.

ID: 2948952

28. The Most Perfectly Timed Dog Shot in the Entire World

Why it matters: This photo is all-around magnificent — from the water, to the ears, to the chill face. This dog is the ultimate beach bombshell.

ID: 2937545

27. The Awkward School Photo

Why it matters: Remember when your mom told you to smile when you really didn’t want to? This dog is all of us. Embrace it, love it, try not to subject your own children to it.

ID: 2936656

26. The Best Shopping Cart Ever


ID: 2936820

25. The Loving Mother

Why it matters: Jenny the Pug is a vision of a woman who really does it all. And by does it all, we mean does everything she wants because she’s a boss bitch.

ID: 2937793

24. The Scaredy Dog

Why it matters: DO YOU LIKE GETTING SHOTS? Didn’t think so.

ID: 2936846

23. The Loner

Why it matters: Listen, we’ve all been both of these dogs: the one in the corner, feelin’ left out, and the one in the front forgetting what it’s like to be left out. This is basically the entirety of human existence in one photo.

ID: 2936958

22. The Muse

Why it matters: Inspiring artists everywhere, this cutie is a pro at sitting up tall and lookin’ perfect. You’ve probably seen him in the photos that come with picture frames. If you took him out of said frames, you are a damned fool.

ID: 2937534

21. The Unlikely Duo

Why it matters: Two beasts have never co-existed so happily and so majestically.

ID: 2936920

20. The Teeny Hand

Why it matters: Remember when Ariel gets legs in The Little Mermaid and is like, “OMG I HAVE LEGS”?? That’s like this dog except he’s like “OMG I HAVE A HAND, HIGH FIVE.”

ID: 2937766

19. Chewbarka

Why it matters: He’s not even trying, he just is.

ID: 2938283

18. The Free One

Why it matters: There is beauty all around us, if only you take the time to stop and notic— OH MAN IS THAT A BUTTERFLY???

ID: 2937762

17. The Nuggeteur

Why it matters: Only the most skilled of acrobats can catch a nugget with this much style. The grace and determination, all while keeping a huge smile on his face, should be award-winning.

ID: 2937882

16. The Unamused Video Chatters

Why it matters: Ever call your mom and she puts you on the phone with whoever she’s with, even though you would really rather not? This is exactly what’s happening with these dogs.

ID: 2936902

15. The Pug Who Gave Up on His Diet

Why it matters: No regrets, just pizza.

ID: 2937717

14. Madonna

Why it matters: This is literally Madonna. The singer. This is really her.

ID: 2937747

13. The BEST Use of the Cone of Shame

Why it matters: Talk about making metaphorical lemons into lemonade.

ID: 2937898

12. The Nicole

Why it matters: You might recognize singer Nicole Scherzinger on the TV in the background. However, her entire being — her looks, her persona, her everything — is based on this dog right here. This is the real Nicole Scherzinger.

ID: 2937906

11. The Swimmer

Why it matters: Ralph could see the finish up ahead. As the first dog to swim across the English Channel, he knew what a momentous occasion this was. Even as his body languished, exhausted from his endeavor, his eyes could not help but betray his excitement at the prospect of finally achieving his dream.


ID: 2936696

10. The Sneak

Why it matters: This is how everyone should open their homes to people, all the time.

ID: 2938293

9. The Chill Shiba

Why it matters: Everything is OK around chill shiba. He’s comfortable, which makes us all want to cry when he says, “What’s wrong?” Love this guy.

ID: 2956729

8. An Artistic Interpretation of the Stoned Birthday Dog

Chelsea Marshall

Why it matters: This photo matters so much that, despite not being able to use the real photo for copyright reasons, I needed to draw my own interpretation. He is so cute and you should check out the the real thing but also just heheheheh.

ID: 2956995

7. The Eyebrows

Why it matters: Those eyebrows.

ID: 2938367

6. The Patient Patient

Why it matters: “How’s it looking, doc?” This is the pinnacle of dog health care.

ID: 2937802

5. The Awkward Yeller

Why it matters: We all remember the great Dog/Boar Battle of 1997, which threatened to tear apart the long-lasting Peace Between the Species Treaty of 1723. Although the Peace was ultimately restored, this picture from the front lines is a powerful reminder of what we could have lost.

Note: Because of the heavy influence of bear military tactics to their cause, the boar was originally misidentified as such.

ID: 2936650

4. The Patient Army Spouse

Why it matters: This picture captures the other side of the Dog/Boar Battle of 1997, a poignant reminder that no dog was left untouched during that dark time.

ID: 2937601

3. The Surfers

Cindy Yamanaka / AP

Why it matters: Because that middle dog was brave enough to express how we all feel when confronting something new and scary.

ID: 2938469

2. The Best Friendship Ever


ID: 2936829

1. The Parade Champion


Why it matters: Because this parade was FOR this dog. Sure, the humans didn’t originally intend it that way. But once the humans saw this pooch, they cheered and just knew that they were witnessing greatness. This is probably the most beautiful picture to ever exist on earth.

ID: 2938396

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