38 Pets Who Celebrated “Dress Your Pet Up Day” In Style

They loved every minute of it, we promise.

1. This cool dude kept it casual all day today.

ID: 2280121

2. Moose, who likes to keep pop culture relevant.

ID: 2280842

3. But he also keeps it timeless in his caterpillar costume.

ID: 2280840

4. This guy who just got a job and tried on his new wardrobe today.

ID: 2280720

5. This cool cat.

ID: 2281092

6. This little lady who spends the year in anticipation of Christmas.

@BuzzFeedAnimals @ericarockley all dressed up for a Christmas party #DressUpYourPetDay

— Whispy (@whispybunny)
ID: 2280729

7. These guys who love “Dress up your pet day” more than anything in the world.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Jackson & Dalton, looking festive in a tiny sombrero & frog costume (respectively) cc: @Cesar_F1000

— Ali Accarino (@aliaccarino)
ID: 2280731

8. This bunny who understands the “less is more” mantra.

@BuzzFeedAnimals I recently dressed yp as a Christmas present. Mom wishes I'd dress up more #DressUpYourPetDay

— Max (@Maximusthelop)
ID: 2280735

9. This little lady who loves to use this day to be her true, princess self.

ID: 2281119

10. This dominatrix is thankful for today to show her true colors.

ID: 2280210

11. This loving advocate.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Mia supports her grandma, a two-time survivor! #DressUpYourPetDay

— Jocelyn (@JocBMiller)
ID: 2280826

12. This chameleon who chose to use this day to remind us all that they’re no different than our fuzzy friends.

@BuzzFeedAnimals a wintery chameleon for #DressUpYourPetDay @aaron_mackay

— jen.azzano (@jenazzano)
ID: 2280741

13. This little guy who puts up with his little sisters’ dress up requests out of love.

@BuzzFeedAnimals poor Roscoe has 6&2 year old human sisters. He's a pretty, pretty princess. #DressUpYourPetDay

— Allison McKinney (@preciouskittenn)
ID: 2280743

14. “The Most Interesting Dog in the World”

@BuzzFeedAnimals Loki pretending he's "the most interesting dog in the world." #dressupyourpetday

— Helen Woodward (@HWAC)
ID: 2280746

15. This superhero puggle (is there any other kind though?)

@BuzzFeedAnimals Captain AmeriPuggle

— George Bailey Smith (@GeorgeBaileyDog)
ID: 2280757

16. This gal who’s just thankful she can look so fabulous on her sweet sixteen.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Mao is going to take a drive!

— Sherri (@sherriatl)
ID: 2280760

17. This bro kept it simple and fresh.

ID: 2280240

18. This pug who only chose this costume because it fits right now but she’s trying to make the most of it.

#DressUpYourPetDay @BuzzFeedAnimals

— (Miss) Edie the Pug (@EdiethePug)
ID: 2280891

19. This little guy who’s living up to his name.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Holden, you fancy!

— Adam Sockel (@SocksCLE)
ID: 2280814

20. This lady who’s living out her underwater dreams today.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Pearl the puggle mermaid #DressUpYourPetDay

— Kelsey (@kelseymart)
ID: 2280774

21. This dapper gentleman, by name and look.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Seamus prefers a more dapper look in the winter. #DressUpYourPetDay

— MK Kearns (@mkkearns)
ID: 2280777

22. This guy who got really confused today. Is he a frog or a dog? He may never know.

@BuzzFeedAnimals here's Jack Bauer!

— Dre Acosta (@Dresephine)
ID: 2280780

23. This grumpy Bunny who would rather eat berries than be one but you know what? SHE’S A TEAM PLAYER.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Bunny disguised as a grumpy faced bun-berry #DressUpYourPetDay

— Pip (@pipsixtwo)
ID: 2280784

24. Max, who dresses up like this every day but was willing to pose for the occasion.

Since it's apparently #dressupyourpetday, here's BatMax! @buzzfeedanimals

— Jen Balisi (@jenbalisi)
ID: 2280790

25. Shoes were not the most popular choice among participants but this little lady chose to be practical.

@BuzzFeedAnimals wooly was very ready for the Polar Vortex #DressUpYourPetDay

— Todd (@toddizza)
ID: 2280791

26. This guy came to represent non furry friends!

ID: 2280369

27. This hard core Sk8er Boi.

@BuzzFeedAnimals #DressUpYourPetDay Chase Mutley in Vans Slip Ons #dogsinshoes

— Mary Elizabeth (@mesully)
ID: 2280793

28. This adorable creature who travelled internationally to celebrate this festive day.

Ahora sí! Representando a #Coquimbo #Chile Blanquita luciendo su abrigo de cotelé @BuzzFeedAnimals #DressUpYourPetDay

— Calu (@calupina)
ID: 2280795

29. This man who doesn’t care what you say, this t-shirt from his teen years still fits perfectly.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Henry VIII stripped of his dignity but looking very cute in his snazzy shirt. #DressUpYourPetDay

— Amy Lloyd (@Amii_Cake)
ID: 2280796

30. This goober who didn’t even care it’s not Halloween, this is his one outfit and you can deal.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Mr. Monroe last Halloween #DressUpYourPetDay

— Mere (@Bluerobiny)
ID: 2280799

31. Jefferson, who used today to celebrate the strong women of history.

@BuzzFeedAnimals Jefferson dressed up as Amelia Earhart, complete with goggles on his hat #DressUpYourPetDay

— Megan Marie (@YouShineMegan)
ID: 2280805


@BuzzFeedAnimals Rory in his Christmas sweater lol #DressUpYourPetDay

— Jordy Peter (@jordycatherine)
ID: 2280807

33. This…sexy clown?

@BuzzFeedAnimals #DressUpYourPetDay Naima, the sexy pug clown !

— Laurie Villeneuve (@Lavil7)
ID: 2280808

34. These two brothers who use this day to celebrate working out their toy issues.

.@BuzzFeedAnimals #dressupyourpetday best duo out there! Woody and Buzz

— Samm Ramm (@samm_ramm)
ID: 2280845

35. This little chick who kept it simple and delightful in a polka dot number.

ID: 2281088

36. This gal who has been studying for weeks but still managed to dress up for the occasion.

Oh is it #DressUpYourPetDay?! Betty's all over that with #WheresWaldog @BuzzFeedAnimals

— Ana Mendoza (@MendozaPhotos)
ID: 2280819

37. This Queen of the “Dress Your Pets Up” Day.

ID: 2280256

38. But queen or not, anyone who kept a cool attitude is the true winner.

@BuzzFeedAnimals louie is too cool

— Major Payne (@belly_umbrelly)
ID: 2280810

Thanks to followers of @BuzzfeedAnimals for submitting many of these cuties! If you missed it, add yours in the comments!

ID: 2281306

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