15 Animals With Better Mustaches Than You Will Ever Grow

“Dignified”, “refined”, “noble” are all words that come to mind when you think of a mustache. These animals know how it’s done and pity the fool who can only muster up some peach fuzz.

1. Gotta start of the list with a little hipster cat.

ID: 1067395

2. No respectable horse is without a ‘stache of this caliber.

ID: 1067408

3. His isn’t real but you gotta admire the spirit.

ID: 1067410

4. Going the more Shakespearean route, this pup shows that the classics are not dead.

ID: 1067412

5. This guy’s name is Mr. Mustacheo. He knows he’s got it going on.

ID: 1067409

6. Been doin’ the handlebar mustache way before Hipsters took it over.

ID: 1067415

7. The Ron Swanson.

ID: 1067417

8. Try to compete with this monkey’s ‘stache, he’ll just make fun of you.

ID: 1067418

9. One dignified mustache=even no words are wise words.

ID: 1067422

10. The key to his ‘stache is a nice conditioner and a clean comb.

ID: 1067419

11. The chill ‘stache.

ID: 1067420

12. The forest mustache never goes out of style.

ID: 1067424

13. Never question an elder with a ‘stache like that.

ID: 1067421

14. He doesn’t like to brag about it but he knows what draws in the ladies.

ID: 1067423

15. In conclusion, there is no greater happiness than growing a fine, refined mustache.

ID: 1067397

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