24 Dogs Ridiculously Dressed For Halloween

Halloween isn’t just a time for girls to dress like skanks… it’s also a time for us to torture our dogs and make them wear ridiculous outfits. posted on

1. Fluffy

Clearly he’s looking for Hagird.

2. Ghostbuster


3. Justin Beiber

One less lonely dog…

5. Wizard of Oz

Follow the yellow brick road!

7. Bananas

Where are their pajamas?

8. Snooki


10. Policeman

The cat is where it belongs…

12. Fast Food Gang

13. Katy Perry

California Pups!

14. Turkey

Wrong holiday?

18. Firefighter

20. Harry Potter

Book one obviously.

22. Blues Brothers

23. Chia Pet


24. Poop Factory

AKA a dog.

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