22 Things That Happen When You’re A Girl With Mostly Guy Friends

Just one of the guys…

1. You get called “dude” all the time.

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2. …and “man.”

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“Yeah bruh…”

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3. It’s an unspoken agreement that they know when you’re on your period.

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4. You sometimes develop feelings for each other…

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5. …which makes it really awkward when people ask if you’re actually dating.

TV one

No, but thanks for thinking that.

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6. People assume you’re a major tomboy.

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7. No guy will be good enough for you according to them.

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8. And no girl will ever be good enough for them.

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9. There is rarely any drama… and it’s amazing.

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10. Whenever you talk about anything sexual, they’re always grossed out because they think of you like a sister.

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I AM A WOMAN as well…

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11. You feel really strange crying in front of them.

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Do you even have tear ducts?!

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12. You are never judged for what or how much you eat, because they will always eat more.

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13. You never have to read into things, because everything is taken at face value.

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“Passive aggressive” is no longer a part of your vocabulary.

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14. After a breakup, you will always have a date on hand with no strings attached.

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15. Your guy friends will often talk to you about girls as though you’re not really a girl yourself.

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16. You never have to deal with them being late because they had an unexpected beauty crisis.

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17. When it comes to getting advice about a guy, you have plenty of male opinions available.

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At least they tell you what you need to hear.

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18. You feel no judgment when you want to wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants all damn day.

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19. You’ve become numb to pooping and farting.

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Just try to belch softly.

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20. They have no problem telling you how it is, but sometimes they can be a little too honest.

Oh he’s not even remotely interested in me? OK, yeah… that’s cool…*sobs internally*

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21. At the end of the day, you basically have an army of brothers who are willing to protect you at any given moment.

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22. And THEY have an awesome sister who has got their backs, as well.

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