29 Struggles People Who Grew Up In The Texas Heat Can All Relate To

I just pitted out thinking about it.

1. The sound of cicadas signaling a 100+° day.

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2. This has become an everyday occurrence.

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3. The sad reminder of how hot it is when you exit a movie theater.

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5. There are no words for the humidity.

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6. The backdraft upon opening your car on a hot summer’s day.

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7. The fresh branding of a hot seat belt…

Bahaha it's that hot outside that my little kimmy got a car seatbelt burn. !

— Jennifer Palma (@AyeJennyJenn)
ID: 2982762

8. …followed up by the slow burn of a piping-hot steering wheel.

It's so hot outside that the steering wheel is melting to my hand.

— Bryce Slaughter (@BryceSlaughter)
ID: 2982597

9. Activities can only be done at night or early in the morning.

The Friday Night Lights of summer softball, a true Texas @StateTraditions #texas #summernights

— Josh Carter (@thejoshcarter)
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10. Having sweat in all the wrong places.

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11. Taking your chances on encountering poisonous snakes to float the river.

More floating on Guadalupe River!!! Doesn't get any better than this!!

— Deana (@DeanaLapointe)
ID: 2984601

12. Facing the harsh reality that this is your life FOREVER.

When I lived in NJ and it hit 100°, everyone called it a heat wave. Now I live in Texas and we just call it summer.

— Melissa (@melissalicia512)
ID: 2982608

13. Lounging outside for a hot minute and getting this devastating message on your phone.

Wow leaves my phone in the car today and this comes up HAHAHA. THE HEAT WAS TOO REAL.

— & (@evnicepvrk)
ID: 2982650

14. There is an unwritten competition on whose car can get the hottest.

My car can be a little melodramatic at times. #texas #heat. And yes, it's a badass Chevy Exquinox.

— jakeasloan (@jakeasloan)
ID: 2984392

15. The astronomical price of your summer energy bills.

ID: 2982835

16. Being so fed up with the humidity that you’ve considered shaving your head.

ID: 2982523

17. Gray shirts are an absolute no-go.

"Idk guys I'm pittin out" @FrankSutphin

— danielle rutz (@daniellerutz)
ID: 2982916

18. You’re constantly nauseated because of your loss of water and dehydration.

ID: 2984049

19. You end up spending stupid amounts of money at Sonic every day to get an Ocean Water or Cherry Limeade.

ID: 2984318

20. Butt sweat.

Daniel Smith #buttsweat

— Russell Aarons (@RussellAarons)
ID: 2983104

21. Feeling your hair stuck to the back of your neck.

ID: 2983477

22. The sidewalk being so hot you can use it as a cooking surface.

Sidewalk Toast. Just another Monday afternoon in Deep Ellum.

— Matthew Hall (@bittermang)
ID: 2983560

23. Heat stroke is such a BFD, someone had to invent Heat Stroke Prevention Day.

Heat Index [feels-like] Forecast for Wednesday (Heat Stroke Prevention Day). Watch 3 News http://t.co/6ohiTw9Bj7

— KIII 3 News (@kiii3news)
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24. You are in disbelief when you hear your friends up north complain about it being 80 degrees.

Columbia Pictures / Via gifsec.com
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25. Attempting to cool off in a pool or lake that the heat already got to.

Even the pool is a little too warm. When did I move to Death Valley? #Summer2013 #HeatWave

— Farrell Brenner (@Farrellelisms)
ID: 2983847

26. Going to the fair can mean risking your well-being.

It will be a hot start to the Central Texas State Fair on Friday! #txwx #texas #CentralTexasStateFair

— Patrick Crawford (@MeteorologistPC)
ID: 2984231

27. The heat even got to Big Tex.


ID: 2984274

28. People resort to swimming in public fountains.

How we survive the Texas heat

— Sydney Ringdahl (@sydneyringdahl)
ID: 2984333

29. Everything melts. EVERYTHING.

Paramount Pictures
ID: 2983745

But hey, you live in the greatest state in the nation, so it’s totally worth it, right? * Cranks up A/C *

NBCUniversal Television
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