29 Secrets Sorority Girls Won’t Tell You

Sisterhood is not what you think.

1. Half of chapter consists of passing around and eating baked goods.

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2. You secretly stalk PNMs on social media during recruitment.

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3. Much of initiation is showering pledges with gifts and food.

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4. Fines are the bane of your existence.

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5. Sorority pins are too damn expensive.

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6. Singing your sorority songs is awkward and uncomfortable.

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7. You have to keep a relatively high GPA to stay in the sorority and have required study sessions.

We’re smarter than you think.

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8. You raise at least five figures worth of money after every philanthropy event.

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9. You want to kill anyone who tells you that you bought your friends.

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10. You rushed primarily for the networking.

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11. You have the urge to throw up your sign wherever you go, no matter what you’re doing.

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12. If you are a member of the same sorority as your prospective employer, you have a significantly better chance of getting hired.

And yes, you will become best friends during the interview.

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13. You actually do love each and every one of your Greek shirts.

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14. Recruitment turns everyone into monsters.

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15. As cheesy as it is, you will be flooded with memories and never fail to cry on pref night.

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16. You have friends outside your sorority that you’re just as close with.

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17. You will never know what “snappy casual” actually means.

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18. If things do start going downhill during recruitment, you have secret SOS codes.

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19. You’re anyone but Martha Stewart when it comes to crafting.

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20. If there is free food, sororities will come.

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21. The moment you see something with your symbol on it, you have the sudden urge to buy it.

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22. You forget the Greek alphabet as soon as you learn it.

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23. You constantly debate getting a tattoo in remembrance of your sorority.

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24. Formals are sometimes more stressful than enjoyable.

They went through 10 dresses, a huge cry, and a broken-down car to get here.

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25. You quickly realize you would rather date someone unaffiliated than someone in a fraternity.

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26. Learning your handshake and secret password was not nearly as cool as you thought it would be.

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27. The sorority squat has become your go-to pose for any photo.

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28. No matter how long you’re in a sorority, you will feel a little weird calling someone your “sister.”

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29. When senior year rolls around, you can’t stand the idea of graduating and separating.

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