27 Mums That Nailed The Whole Homecoming Thing

Maybe things are bigger in Texas.

Mums are an age-old tradition in Texas during homecoming.

They are big, wearable bouquets of mum flowers, streamers, ribbons and decorations to show school pride.

ID: 3691620

You give your homecoming date a mum to wear to both school and the homecoming football game.

Some choose to hand-make these for their dates, while the majority design them first, and then have companies create the finished product. Mums can cost hundreds of dollars.

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But some mums go really, REALLY over the top:

ID: 3692007

1. There are ones that can sub as giant-ass valentines.

ID: 3682867

2. This one is for cat enthusiasts.

ID: 3691635

3. This-over-the-shoulder beauty.

ID: 3691263

4. For the Star Wars fan.

@BlackMeister69 and I's mum/garter for homecoming. Non-traditional is the way to go

— Sabrina Ayala (@sabrina_ayala85)
ID: 3686133

5. This one fits nearly the entire main cast of Adventure Time.

ID: 3685923

6. How? Wha?

ID: 3686149

7. The “Mum-ford and Sons” mum.

ID: 3683120

8. You can even get a Texas-shaped mum.

ID: 3691820

9. This one is for the hunting enthusiast.

ID: 3691653

10. 1D is what makes it beautiful.

remember my homecoming mum

— camille (@texaslonghoran)
ID: 3686162

11. For the ones who leave room for the Holy Spirit.

ID: 3691832

12. Some bring out their inner Rainbow Brite.

ID: 3685716

13. A typical mum can be pinned on your shirt. These have to be held up by necklaces.

ID: 3682862

14. So much pink.

ID: 3682906

15. A Browning lover’s delight.

ID: 3685706

16. The craftsmanship of the Hello Kitty flowers is second to none.

ID: 3686371

17. This mum is big enough to hide a small child.

ID: 3685725

18. Where does this mum end, and that dude’s garter begin?

ID: 3685732

19. Cannot. Handle.

ID: 3685759

20. This one can barely get through a door.

ID: 3685862

21. This one’s for a Tiffany & Co. lover.

ID: 3682847

22. Some display their names proudly.

ID: 3685875

23. Oh my Glob.

ID: 3685903

24. Some can save lives in case of a power outage.

ID: 3685908

25. Roll out.

ID: 3685941

26. Some get to be like Mike.

ID: 3685986

27. And finally, the mum that should make all other mums bow the hell down.

ID: 3683092

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