27 Mums That Nailed The Whole Homecoming Thing

Maybe things are bigger in Texas.

Mums are an age-old tradition in Texas during homecoming.

They are big, wearable bouquets of mum flowers, streamers, ribbons and decorations to show school pride.

You give your homecoming date a mum to wear to both school and the homecoming football game.

Some choose to hand-make these for their dates, while the majority design them first, and then have companies create the finished product. Mums can cost hundreds of dollars.

But some mums go really, REALLY over the top:

1. There are ones that can sub as giant-ass valentines.

2. This one is for cat enthusiasts.

3. This-over-the-shoulder beauty.


5. This one fits nearly the entire main cast of Adventure Time.

6. How? Wha?

7. The “Mum-ford and Sons” mum.

8. You can even get a Texas-shaped mum.

9. This one is for the hunting enthusiast.

11. For the ones who leave room for the Holy Spirit.

12. Some bring out their inner Rainbow Brite.

13. A typical mum can be pinned on your shirt. These have to be held up by necklaces.

14. So much pink.

15. A Browning lover’s delight.

16. The craftsmanship of the Hello Kitty flowers is second to none.

17. This mum is big enough to hide a small child.

18. Where does this mum end, and that dude’s garter begin?

19. Cannot. Handle.

20. This one can barely get through a door.

21. This one’s for a Tiffany & Co. lover.

22. Some display their names proudly.

23. Oh my Glob.

24. Some can save lives in case of a power outage.

25. Roll out.

26. Some get to be like Mike.

27. And finally, the mum that should make all other mums bow the hell down.

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