24 Moments Every Lightweight Has Experienced

One and done? More like one and fun.

1. You can’t drive because one drink puts you over the legal limit.

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2. Your 21st birthday was… eventful.

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3. Because you sober up relatively quickly, you get stuck babysitting your friends.

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4. You’ve become calloused to the “I remember my first beer” joke.



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5. You’ve only needed the pre-game, not the actual game.

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6. You’ve stopped drinking early because nausea hits you really fast.

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7. You’ve saved a ton of money because you only have to order one drink to be happy.

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8. You’ve found yourself ordering food while everyone keeps ordering drinks.

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9. You can go out any night, because you will always make it back in time for your bedtime.

Top picture was at 5:30.. Bottom picture was at 9:30.. #lightweightproblems @LauraWyatt_ blames @DulcieJones1

— Mark West (@markfwest)
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10. You’ve been the first to drunk Snapchat, and it’s usually to the person you’re out with.


— Jjjjjoooooorrrrrggee (@omgwhorehey)
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11. You’ve memorized how much alcohol there is in drinks, because its just too risky not to.

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12. You still have a little bit left in your handle from your 21st birthday, because it takes that long to get through it.

First bottle for my birthday... This will take me forever #lightweightproblems

— Annmarie Savelli (@annmariesavelli)
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13. You’ve found yourself being the first person dancing, while others are just getting started.

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14. It’s only taken one shot to calm you down any time you’ve been stressed.

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15. You now know exactly how many drinks it takes to get drunk.

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16. You’ve been forbidden from participating in shots, because your friends know what they do to you.

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17. On celebratory nights, you lay out your hangover care package at home.

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18. You’ve apologized for being bad at beer pong because you’re already drunk.

Sorry everyone for that shot. Drunk.

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19. Speaking of games, people never want you on their team because they know they’ll have to drink for your drunken mistakes.

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20. You’ve learned to know exactly which drinks do what to you.

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21. You’ve been able to conceal all the alcohol you need in a tiny flask.

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22. You’ve never gained weight from drinking…

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23. … but you have from drunk eating.

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24. You went out to drinks with your coworkers and immediately regretted the decision.

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Although you’ve realized you have a love-hate relationship with alcohol, the fun usually outweighs the bad.

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