26 Rookie Mistakes All Women Make At One Point Or Another

The ghost of eighth-grade past is coming to haunt you.

1. Trying to cut your own hair.


It’ll always grow back, right?

2. Waxing anything yourself.

3. Getting into a popular fashion fad even if you know it’s ugly.

4. Accidentally sending a text to the guy you’re talking about.

5. Wearing way too much makeup.

6. Doing a juice cleanse.


7. Sacrificing comfort for fashion.

8. Posting embarrassing pop lip syncs on the internet.

Candace Lowry / BuzzFeed

9. Wearing white pants or a white bikini during that time of the month.

10. Choosing to wear your favorite flowy skirt on a windy day.

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11. Trying to pull off Lorde purple lipstick.

12. Hitting on your friend’s brother.

13. Going outside with only tanning oil as skin protection.

14. Wearing non-waterproof makeup to a devastatingly sad movie.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

15. Discovering your date is a misogynist after you already ordered.

FOX / Via

16. Choosing to go on a run at the gym after realizing you left your sports bra at home.

17. Doing anything besides sitting while wearing a front-close bra.


18. Going to the gynecologist and putting on the gown wrong.

MTV / Via

19. Not having a fool-proof method of hiding your tampons.

20. Not having emergency tampons in general.

21. Wearing sticky lip gloss with anything in the vicinity of your mouth.

Paramount Pictures / Via

22. Not going to the bathroom before painting your nails.

23. Trying to dye your hair with very little instruction.

24. Taking the duck-face selfie.

25. Buying a bra that’s way too small.

Warner Bros. Pictures

26. Letting your outrageous period cravings get to you.

Don’t worry, gurl…

Warner Bros. / Via

… We’ve all been there.

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