26 Everyday Habits That Make You An Evil Human Being

Humanity, you should be ashamed of yourself.

1. Picking your nose and slyly putting the remnants on something nearby.

2. Idling in a coveted parking spot.

Working Title Films / Via gifs.alphacoders.com

3. Crop-dusting your way through town.

Discovery Channel / Via bitterstar88.tumblr.com

5. Pretending to text so you don’t have to awkwardly start a conversation.

Paramount Pictures / Via gifbay.com

6. Secretly getting joy out of cutting someone off.

8. Judging the way complete strangers look.

Warner Bros. Television / Via ggbygossipgirl.tumblr.com

9. Becoming frustrated with slow-walking old people.

Tiger Television

12. Wishing failure upon a co-worker, just because you don’t like them.

13. Tailgating people who are obeying the speed limit.

14. Hating on people just doing their job.

15. Casually walking up to a friend with the sole intention of cutting in line.

16. Taking the last dessert, just for the satisfaction.

Paramount Pictures / Via luvimages.com

18. Talking or texting during a sold-out movie.

Dimension Films / Via plumkat.tumblr.com

21. Touching food in the produce isle, and putting it back just so you can test for ripeness.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via mrwgifs.com

23. Eavesdropping on a complete stranger’s conversation, because it’s just SO juicy.

25. Avoiding recycling, because it’s just so much easier to throw everything out at once.

Nickelodeon / Via pinterest.com

26. Throwing shade at pedestrians while driving.

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