19 Problems Only Brunettes Can Relate To

Brown hair, don’t care.

1. You never got to be Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty growing up.

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I guess Jasmine is OK…

2. Upper-lip hair.

It grows so dark. SO DARK.

4. No one ever sees you as “The Bombshell.”

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5. If you have strong eyebrow game, forget it. People assume you’re mean.

7. The sun makes your hair feel like molten lava.

It’s like a black t-shirt on your head.

8. You were the go-to Sporty Spice…

…never Baby Spice.

9. When you’re with your friends, people assume you’re the “smart one.”

Which technically isn’t terrible.

10. Dry shampoo can be your worst nightmare, and can make you look like Cruella de Vil.

11. When you find the perfect hairstyle on Pinterest, and it only shows up on light hair.

Later, Game of Thrones braid.

12. Brown hair is the second most common hair color, right below black and brown-black.

Yay for being average.

13. You were a little put off when Rapunzel’s hair DIED and turned brown.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

So now she’s, like, ugly?

14. Skipping a day of shaving is unheard of.

15. Got a little dandruff? Might as well be snowing.

17. Wearing a white T-shirt or being around white paper can expose your shedding problem.

18. The only princess emoji is of a blonde.

Nothing better than being an “information desk person.”

Sometimes it might seem like blondes really do have all the fun…

… But at the end of the day, brunettes have a pretty good time too.

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