19 Problems Only Brunettes Can Relate To

Brown hair, don’t care.

1. You never got to be Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty growing up.

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I guess Jasmine is OK…

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2. Upper-lip hair.

It grows so dark. SO DARK.

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3. Bright colors never show up in your hair.

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4. No one ever sees you as “The Bombshell.”

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5. If you have strong eyebrow game, forget it. People assume you’re mean.

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6. If you do successfully dye your hair, evil dark roots appear immediately.

I swear my roots are the worst they've ever been. just 6 more days! #BrunetteProblems

— malibu stacey (@staceydawnralph)
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7. The sun makes your hair feel like molten lava.

It’s like a black t-shirt on your head.

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8. You were the go-to Sporty Spice…

…never Baby Spice.

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9. When you’re with your friends, people assume you’re the “smart one.”

Which technically isn’t terrible.

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10. Dry shampoo can be your worst nightmare, and can make you look like Cruella de Vil.

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11. When you find the perfect hairstyle on Pinterest, and it only shows up on light hair.

Later, Game of Thrones braid.

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12. Brown hair is the second most common hair color, right below black and brown-black.

Yay for being average.

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13. You were a little put off when Rapunzel’s hair DIED and turned brown.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

So now she’s, like, ugly?

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14. Skipping a day of shaving is unheard of.

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15. Got a little dandruff? Might as well be snowing.

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16. Greasy hair is impossible to hide.

Aguero is brilliant but I would sack his hairdresser! #DodgyMullet #GreasyHair

— Darren Lewitt (@DarrenLewitt)
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17. Wearing a white T-shirt or being around white paper can expose your shedding problem.

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18. The only princess emoji is of a blonde.

Nothing better than being an “information desk person.”

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19. Dyeing your hair lighter is nearly impossible and requires heavy duty bleach.

Was sick of the dip dye. And this isn't even done yet I need another dye #brunetteproblems

— Rae ☮ (@rachael_tweedy)
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Sometimes it might seem like blondes really do have all the fun…

ID: 3152466

… But at the end of the day, brunettes have a pretty good time too.

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